Stepan Z. Artur Gavrus

Stepan Z. Artur Gavrus
May 10, 1931 (1931-05-10)
d. Novo-Aleksandrovka now Drybin district, Mogilev region
Date of death:
March 12, 1988 (3/12/1988) (56 years old)
Place of death:
Minsk, Byelorussian SSR
poet, translator
Flourished: 1948-1988


Socialist realism Genre:
language works:
Literature Prize of the Union of writers of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic named after A. Kuleshov (1987)
Stepan Z. Artur Gavrus (May 10, 1931, Dr. Novo-Aleksandrovka now Drybin district, Mogilev region - March 12. 1988 Minsk.) - Belarusian poet, translator [1]
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From a peasant family. He graduated from the Mogilev Pedagogical School (one thousand nine hundred fifty-one). He served in the Soviet Army. In 1954-1957 gg. He was a member of the republican newspaper "Zvezda", in 1964-1965 gg. - editor of the publishing house "Belarus". Member of the Writers' Union since 1955. He made his debut
poems in 1948 [1]. Author collections poetry "Campfires" (1955) [1] "In the wave crest" (1959) "Bounty" (1962) "Hurricane" (1966), "profile Century" (1969), "maple leaf" ( one thousand nine hundred seventy-one), "Roll Call" (1973), "Care" (1976), "reflections" (1978), "Insight" (1980), "Crone" (favorites, 1981), "fertility" (1986), "The bells of heaven "(1988). Appeared in print with the reviews and critical articles
Through motive which sounded poetry Stepan Gavruseva enlarged and dramatic as the biography of a generation -. Memory about the war ( "I grew up under the cannon barrels") [1]. Anxiety for peace in the world, responsible for all life on earth in the poem "The profile of the century" (1967), poetry. Among other topics - the glorification of the military and labor feats of the people, the creative mission of a contemporary, chanting the beauty of mother nature (the poem "The Daily Leaf Fall", 1959). Poet inspires, paetyzue work, strength and beauty of a person. He has a lot of love poems, love that naive that suffers, chaste and gentle, but it elevates the human being. The author is able to raise a lyrical confession of intimate feelings for social pathos, from the concrete, real way to rise to the romantic, metaphorical. At the heart of the romantic hero of his poetry, "sontsapaklonnika" who lives in kasmichnavzbuynenyh scale - a continuous struggle between good and evil. But for all the monumentality is a living, earthly man. The characteristic features of poetry S. Gavruseva -. Objectivity, concrete, sensual imagery, giperbalizavanasts, expressive sense, the combination of passionate journalism with lyrical sincerity, intonation diversity, harmonious traditional form of verse [2]
Translation activities
translated into Belarusian number Twardowski works A., M. Isakovsky (rus.) Russian., M. Svetlov (rus.) Russian., A. Prokofeva (rus.) Russian., M. Dudina (rus.) Russian., C. Naravchatava (rus.) Russian., J.Rajnisa, Ghafoor Guljam (rus.) Russian., Mirtemira (Uzb.) Russian., E. Sudrabkaln , I. Harika, the poem "Anush" A. Tumanyan (Rus.) Russian. "Maabitski notebook (Rus.) Russian." Jalil (with A. Pysin, 1975), selected verses Tajik, Uzbek, Azeri, and Bashkir poets [1].
«campfires" (1955)
«Point Break" (1959)
«Bounty" (1962)
«Hurricane" (1966)
"Profile of the century" (1969)
"Maple Leaves" (1971)
'Roll "(1973)
" Care "(1976)
" glow "(1978)
" Illumination "(1980)
« Crohn »(favorite 1981)
« fertility "(1986)
« Bells of heaven "(1988).
3bor works. T. 1-2. Pl., 1993-94.

Prize Winners of literary prizes Byelorussian joint venture named after A. Kuleshov (1987) for his book of poems
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