object-oriented, pratatypny, imperative, scripting
Appeared in:

1998 Authors:
Harry Grossman
Typing Data:
strong static
Basic implementation:
Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Apache Flex
Has undergone influence:
JavaScript, Java
ActionScript - an object-oriented programming language, one of the dialects of ECMAScript that adds interactivity, data handling, and much more in the contents of ActionScript Flash-applications executed ActionScript virtual machine virtual machine, which is part of Flash Player ActionScript byte-compiled into a od that is included in the SWF file-
SWF-files run Flash Player, Flash Player am there in the form of a plug-in Web browser, as well as an independent standalone addition, in the second case, you can create executable projector exe-file, if the application is Flash Player combined with the swf file by analogy with SFX
using ActionScript to create interactive multimedia applications, games, web sites and more
ActionScript - an open source language, its specification is publicly available on the website Adobe1 the compiler as part of the Apache Flex and open the virtual machine Tamari n is an open software
1 History
2 Syntax
21 ActionScript 20 ActionScript
22 30 23
debugger 24
3 Structure
31 ActionScript 2
311 elementary data types
312 Complex data types
32 ActionScript 3
321 elementary data types
322 Complex types of data packets 323

4 Popular medium
5 Notes 6 References

Gistoryyapravits | edit the source ActionScript
as language appeared with the release of version 5 of the Flash Macromedia, which was the first programmable on Wednesday, the first version of ActionScript language that came out, called ActionScript 10 The sixth version of Flash MX and ActionScript used 10 In 2004, Macromedia It introduced a new version of ActionScript 20 together with the release of Flash MX 2004 7, which was introduced a strict definition of types, as well as programming, based on classes that is, new keywords:
class class,
interface interface
extends plant heredity
access modifiers: private, publ ic;
Flash Lite version for programming language for mobile phones
ActionScript 10 also Macromedia has released a programming language pratatypnay That is, it fully implements all three principles of object-oriented programming
20 ActionScript ActionScript is a superset of 10 Test types and work with the class hierarchy is done at compile time, which ends bytecode generation, the same ActionScript 10
in 2006 came ActionScript 30 in Adobe Flex programming environment, and later in Adobe Flash 9
ActionScript 30 is, in pairs Annie with ActionScript 20, a qualitative change, it uses a new virtual machine and provides AVM 20 to replace the old formal syntax classes today's class class-based object-oriented programming ActionScript 30 provides an increase in performance compared to ActionScript 10/20, to 700 times it is only processing instructions, without affecting graphics ActionScript 30 allows you to work with binary data, with BitMap that provides significant performance improvements up to 10 thousand times ActionScript 30 close to such programming languages speed as Java and C # Increase raduktsyynastsi based on dynamic translation JIT code This increase in performance is possible only for certain types of data and requires a special organization koda2 volume of code, usually increases several razov3 compared with AS1
Player Version
The "action", later known as:

3 Occurrence loadMovie;
first version with full support for the implementation of the script Page 5
appearance of the first version of ActionScript pratatypnae Used by programming based on EC MAScript and provides full support for procedural and object-oriented programming Page 6
Added event model
switch statement
There was support AMF and RTMP protocols Page 7
appearance of AS2, which is based on ECMAScript 4 of class-based programming
Added support for CSS for text Page 8
emergence of new security rules
Add a filter AS1 / AS2
emergence of class to view Bitmap Data in real time Page 9
new scripting engine ECMAScript, ActionScript Virtual Machine AVM2 AVM retained for compatibility, adds support for ActionScript 3 via the AVM2
appearance of pastures E4X rhenium for the XML
various filters and effects
Extended layout of text
Improved drawing API Page 102
improved p2p support Added Noise
Occurrence nizkauzrovnevaga API for working with graphics, USB-devices
Support ActionScript versions:
not supported
AS1, AS2
AS1, AS2, AS3
Sintaksispravits |
edit the source ActionScript syntax is based on the ECMAScript specification
ActionScript 20pravits | edit source
This code creates a new text field, at a depth of depth 0, at the point 0, 0, and 100 by 100 pixels setting text line is «Hello, world» The code should be written in the box, action - frame
createTextField "greet", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100;
greettext = "Hello world!";
class example written in AS2 code to be stored as a separate file and located in the same folder with fla source code project
class comexampleGreeter extends MovieClip
public function onLoad: Void

ActionScript 30pravits | edit source
In the source code compiled Adobe Flex SDK AS 30:
MXMLpravits |
edit the source code, written in MXML extension XML:
& lt; xml version = "10" encoding = "utf-8" & gt;
& lt; mx: Application xmlns: mx = "http: // wwwadobecom / 2006 / mxml "xmlns =" "layout =" vertical "
creationComplete =" initApp "& gt;
& lt; mx: Script & gt;
& lt ;! CDATA
public function initApp: void

& gt;
& lt; / mx: Script & gt;
& lt; mx: Label id = "title" fontSize = "24" fontStyle = "bold" text = ' "Hello, world!" Example '/ & gt;
& lt; mx: TextArea id = "mainTxt" width = "250" / & gt;
& lt; / mx: Application & gt;
Adladchykpravits | edit source
example of the debugger displays the output any data that may convert to a String AS2 and more:
trace "Hello world!";
Strukturapravits | edit source
ActionScript 2pravits | edit source
Elementary types dadenyhpravits | edit source

Type Description

String A string array of characters, for example: «Hello World»
Any numerical value, such as 0, 05, 1150 Boolean A

logical value can be set to «true» or «false»
object example of an object are the classes, methods, functions, parameters
Complex types dadenyhpravits | edit source

Type Description
the MovieClip
graphical object containing footage
the TextField
Dynamic text field or anything that is entered
a Button
button C ' is essentially a Movie Clip with a predefined behavior consists of 4 frames: Up, Over, Down and Hit
object containing information on the date / time data

the array array
is used to send and receive variables via HTTP POST and HTTP GET
contains MP3 audio data
format audio data to other formats
Allows you to interact 2 flash-roller in the same scope for example on the desktop or in a browser tab
MovieClipLoader class for
padagruzki swf movies and jpg png images
the EventListener
event handler
the ActionScript 3pravits | edit source
Elementary types dadenyhpravits | edit source
see documentation as Adobe Type


Boolean A Boolean value can be set to «true» or «false»
integer 32-bit numeric value the range of -231 to 231-1
integer 32-bit numerical value in the range 0 to 232-1
64-bit fractional numerical value in the range from -263 to 263- 1
zero Link to void
string of 16-bit characters, use UTF-16 encoded
data type with a single value - undefined is used, if a programmer wants to show type of function as a "has no return»
kladanyya types dadenyhpravits | edit source
see documentation as Adobe Type

the Object Description Object
PLO key class is the basis of all classes AS3
data array lax typing may take any values, for example: 'a', 5, new TextField
array strong typing data array such as Vector & lt; String & gt; can only contain string data 'a', 'b', ''
class containing information on the date / time
class that contains the error
An example is the base class, any method AS3
Regular expressions
XML-object based on the E4X standard ECMA-357
Array-laid the foundation of 'facility to search for content in XML-class
Paketypravits | edit the ActionScript source
30 rather Flash Player 9 API - you can say the standard library written in C ++ consists of more than 700 classes, organized in the following packages analogues namespaces in C ++:

Package Description
classes to support access to Flash content and applications
main classes that uses Flash Player to display an image on the screen
classes, which are often used for error handling
contains the ExternalInterface class, which is used to communicate with the Flash Player container
d I work with bitmap filters
classes for working with geometry classes, such as points, rectangles and transformation matrixes - to support the BitmapData class and the possibility of caching images
classes to work with multimedia - for example, audio and video
classes for sending and receiving data over a network eg, URL requests, and Flash Remoting
classes for printing Flash-content film
functions that are used for debugging and profiling code
classes to access the system at the functional level alnastsi, such as security, multilanguage content, and TD
classes for working with text, its formatting, size, style and location
classes user interface, such as to work with a mouse and classes keyboard
additional classes, such as ByteArray to work with binary data, the Timer for timing intervals and other
enables XML support and all the features for working with XML is required to support earlier versions of AS
mx there are also packages that consist of classes designed to create the application interface in al Roddy Flex and fl packages for medium Flash
Popular asyaroddyapravits | edit source
Adobe Flash - historically the first environment that supports AS Starting with Flash 5 came «ACTIONS» the panel, with the ability to edit AS1 code for Flash 6 was created AS2 Starting with Flash 9 support appeared AS3
Adobe flash Builder - development environment for creating RIA applications for desktop and mobile devices
Powerflasher FDT - Wednesday, recognized by experienced flash programmer, is based on the eclipse - a free integrated development environment modular cross-platform applications
FlashDevelop - free development environment and editor written in C #, which allows you to create Flash-applications using the Flash IDE, Flex SDK, MTASC or haxe
CodeDrive - development environment and editor with a rather fast compiler, based on Microsoft Visual Studio
SWFTools - free suite for swf-files, the package includes a compiler actionScript 30 as3compile
↑ http: // helpadobecom / livedocs / specs / actionscript / 3 / wwhelp / wwhimpl / js / html / wwhelphtm
↑ Ted patrick | Entrepreneur, father, and interactive software developer
↑ Six reasons to use ActionScript 30 | Adobe Developer Connection
Spasylkipravits | edit source
page on the site as Adobe

g p n

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