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2016 December 3 - three hundred and thirty seven (three hundred and thirty-eighth in a leap year), day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
. events
1557: Edinburgh is signed "Kangragatsyya God", a document which initiated the Reformation in Scotland and create prasvitaryyanskay church
1586:. to England from America for the first time imported potatoes
one thousand six hundred twenty-one:. Galileo Galilei invented the telescope.
1810: England won the French Mauritius .
1912: Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro signed an armistice with Turkey, ended the First Balkan War in 1918
:. Parliament and the Government of the Belarusian People's Republic leave Minsk
1955 UNESCO decided to establish. international Atomic energy Agency (IAEA).
1966 in Moscow, near the Kremlin walls were buried the remains of the Unknown soldier.
1967 hospital Groote Jester (Cape Town, South Africa) held the first in the history of medicine, surgery for a heart transplant man .
1971: the beginning of the second war between India and Pakistan
1986. President United States Ronald Reagan unveiled its first budget that exceed a trillion dollars.
See. and Event December 3
1368: The Karl VI of, the king of France in 1447
: Bayezid II of, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire (. mind 26.5.1512)
1560: Jan Gruter, German philologist
1684 Ludwig Holberg, Danish writer
1886 Carl Georg Monet Siegbahn, Swedish physicist, Nobel Prize in physics
1888 Carl Friedrich Zeiss, a German engineer
one thousand eight hundred ninety-five: Anna Freud, a child psychologist
1907: Gregory Buckthorn, Belarusian poet
1926 Janka Yukhnovets, Belarusian poet
1948: Ozzy Osbourne, founder of the group «Black Sabbath»
See. as Born December 3 Born

1789: Claude Joseph Vernet, a French landscape-seascape
1888 Carl Zeiss, the founder of the well-known optical instruments factory
1894, Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish author and poet (b. 13.11.1850)
1919: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French painter (born 25.2.1841)
1994:. Irina Zhdanovich Belarusian artist (born 27.9.1906)
See.. also died December 3
UN: International Day of Disabled
: World Day of Non Pesticide
Basque Country: International Day of the Basque language
India: Day of the lawyer
Russia: Lawyer's Day

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