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23 August 2016 - two hundred and thirty five (two hundred and thirty-sixth in leap years) day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
. events
Coat Krychaw
476: Odoacer, the chief of the German mercenaries in the Roman service, threw the Roman emperor Romulus Augustus and proclaimed himself king. . The formal end of the existence of the Western Roman Empire
1552: Moscow army led by Ivan IV began the siege of Kazan (the capital of the Kazan Khanate)
1561:. Nicholas Radziwill Black, followed by a retinue of 900 people came to Riga, which passed under the control of ON .
one thousand five hundred seventy-two: Massacre of St. Bartholomew in Paris
1653:. Krychaw given Magdeburg law and the emblem
1939:. in Moscow between Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact in the secret protocol to which the approved section of Eastern Europe (Pact . The Molotov-Ribbentrop)
1975 Open Kharkiv Metro
one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine:. 2 million hours alavek in the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian SSR, hand in hand, lined up along the road Vilnius-Tallinn, seeking independence for their republics
2013:. End ethnographic expedition "Hills 2013", organized by the Student ethnographic partnership
Born Alexander Green
1486: Sigismund Herberstein, Austrian diplomat and traveler
1740: Ivan VI of, the Russian Emperor
one thousand seven hundred forty-one: Jean-Francois de La Perouse, a French explorer
1754: Louis XVI, king of France
1880: Alexander Green, Russian writer
1917: Pimen Panchenko, Belarusian poet (d. 2.4.1995)
+1938: Nikolai Stashkevich, Belarusian historian Nikolai
1968 Bonch- Osmolovsky, Belarusian and Russian Soviet artist (born 18.12.1883)
1974. Sergey V. Zhadan, Ukrainian poet
1974 Constantine S. Novoselov, British physicist of Russian origin, the Nobel Prize in physics
one thousand nine hundred seventy-eight: Kobe Bryant, American basketball player

Born William Wallace
93: Gnaeus Julius Agrykala, the Roman general
634 Abu Bakr, the first Muslim Caliph
1103 Magnus III of, king of Norway
1305: William Wallace, Scotland's national hero
1806 Charles Coulomb, French f Isik
1847: Jan Czeczot, Belarusian and Polish poet, folklorist (born 24/6/1796).
1895 Michal Andriolli, Belarusian and Polish illustrator and artist, participant of the uprising of 1863-1864 (born 02.11.1836.)
1955 Ivan Kraskovsky, Belarusian politician, writer, and teacher (born 24.6.1880.)
1978, Moldavian fairy tale, Belarusian poet, lyricist of many Belarusian songs (. born 24.7.1911)
one thousand nine hundred eighty-two: Stanfard Moore, an American biochemist and Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1972
2010: Marcel Albert, a French pilot, participant of battles in Belarus during the Great Patriotic war
Ukraine Where s
state flag

23 жніўня

Выпадковыя Артыкула

Вёска Смольнікі, Камянецкі раён

Вёска Смольнікі, Камянецкі раён

Смо́льнікі[1] (трансліт.: Smoĺniki, руск.: Смольники) — вёска ў Камянецкім раёне Брэсцкай вобла...


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Горад Бадахас

Горад Бадахас

Каардынаты: 38°52′48″ пн. ш. 6°58′12″ з. д. / 38.88° пн. ш. 6.97° з. д. (...
Аграгарадок Відамля

Аграгарадок Відамля

Ві́дамля[1] (трансліт.: Vidamlia, руск.: Видомля) — аграгарадок у Камянецкім раёне Брэсцкай воб...