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2013 -.. Nevysakosny year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar
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January 1
January - The Czech Republic and Hungary are switching to the euro
January 6 - The fire destroyed the Holy church of the Intercession in Hotlyany
January 22 - in Warsaw with the participation of the President of Poland and other countries since the last celebration of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the uprising in 1863 " br> February 23 - Inauguration prezid that US
February 26 - Victoria Azarenka for the second time in a row won the Australian Open tennis tournament in Sydney February

February 2 - A nationwide dictation in Belarus, referred to as "Letters from under the gallows" K. Kalinowski
February 11 - Pope Benedict XVI has announced his imminent resignation, the decision on his resignation came into effect on February 28
February 12 -. The military court found former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev guilty of a crime and sentenced to as 24 years in prison, coupled with a anfiskatsyyay property and imprisonment in a colony with a reinforced regime
February 15 -. The fall of the meteorite in the Urals, hundreds injured
February 25 -.. The inauguration of the 18th President of South Korea March

March 13 - Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected the 266th Pope (named Francis)
March 17 - FC BATE Borisov of Belarus won the Super Bowl football
2013 25 March - In the Minsk House of cinema the premiere of the first Belarusian full-length animated film "The Adventures of Nesterko"
March 30 - North Korea announced that the state of war with South Korea April

April 2 - started working belarusskoyazychnaya version of the Internet portal of the Belarusian railway
April 15 -. Boston Marathon bombing
April 22 -. EU lifted its trade, economic and visa sanctions against M ' yanmy in response to the political program of reforms in the country

May May 10 -.. Partial solar eclipse
May 26 - FC Minsk won the Belarus Cup 2012-2013, winning the final (in the town of Zhodino) FC Dinamo Minsk June

June 8 -. In London hosted the 67th annual Congress of the British Association of Belarusians UK July

July 3 - President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt ousted military
July 23 - in Minsk began VI Congress of Belarusians of the World (complete. July 24)

August August 26: The Embassy of Belarus in Paris was signed the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Djibouti September

September 5: "Vytautas" The premiere opens .. 81 th season in the National academic Bolshoi opera and ballet theater
Sept. 22: Parliamentary elections in Germany on September 30
: Ales Bialiatski declared the winner of the international award named Vaclav Havel October

October 10 -. Nobel Prize for literature has received Alice Munro.
27 fire chnika - Presidential elections in Georgia. Won the election Giorgi Margvelashvili
October 29 -. Open tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait, linking the European and Asian parts of Istanbul
November 9 -. Typhoon "Haiyang" hit the Philippines
November 13 - Partial .. solar eclipse
November 28 - Eastern partnership Summit in Vilnius
November 29 - Pope Francis has appointed three new bishops in Belarus Oleg Boutkevitch, George and Joseph Kosobutskaya Stanevsky December

1 December -. . Constitutional referendum in Croatia
December 5 - The Constitutional court of Moldova etc. ryznav Romanian state language [1]
December 8 -. In Kiev, was organized by the Ukrainian opposition March of Millions [2]
December 10 -. The best football player of Belarus 2013 declared Timofei Kalachev
December 15 -. Alexander won Gerasimenya his 20th career medal at the Olympics, world and European chempionatah [3]

Born 9 January:. James McGill Byukenen, American economist, Nobel Prize in economics (1986)
19 January: Yuri Gumenyuk Belarusian writer, journalist (b. 24.9.1969)
JANUARY 20: Michael Cherniavsky, Belarusian archaeologist, writer (born 7.3.1938)
February 17:. Socrates Yanovich, Polish Belarusian writer (born 4.9.1936)
February 18:. Otfried Preussler, German children's writer (born 20.10.1923.)
February 19 Vasily Starovoytov Belarusian statesman, twice Hero of Socialist Labor (born 13.6.1924.)
February 25 Mikhail Vysotsky, Belarusian designer, Hero of Belarus (born 10.2.1928.)
February 27th Van Cliburn, the American pianist
March 5: Valentin Gritskevich Belarusian physician, social activist (born (30.3.1933)
March 5:. Hugo Chavez, Pres Venezuela (born 28.7.1954.)
March 6: Andrei Panin, a Russian film and theater actor
March 14: Ieng Sary, the Khmer Rouge leader
March 22: rank Achebe, a Nigerian writer, poet, literary critic (born 16.11.1930.)
April 3: Anatoly Kolchin, honored coach of Belarus boxing
April 5: Fedor Piskunov, Belarusian lexicographers and linguist (. born 12.1.1950)
April 7: George Valkavytski, Belarusian poet and writer (b. 13.3.1923)
April 8: Margaret Thatcher, the 71 th Prime Minister of Great Britain (born 13.10.1925)
April 10:. Robert Geoffrey Edwards, the British scientist and physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 27.9.1925)
April 19: Francois Jacob, a French microbiologist April
:. Deanna Durbin, American actress (born 4.12.1921)
my 21 Dominik Wehner, French pismennnik historian
June 4 Yuri Bushlyakov Belarusian linguist
June 19: Gyula Horn, Hungarian politician, Prime Minister of Hungary in 1994-98 (born 5.7.1932.)
20 June: Vladimir Sokolovsky, Belarusian litarat raznavets, a researcher of the Belarusian-German relations (born 10.12.1930.)
August 15: Slawomir Mrozhak, Polish novelist, playwright (born 29.6.1930.)
August 26 Arlen Kashkurevich Belarusian graphic artist (b. 15.9.1929)
August 26 Vladimir Markhel, the Belarusian literary critic, poet, translator (born 28.3.1940)
AUGUST 30:. Seamus Heaney, Irish writer, Nobel Prize for literature
September 2: Frederick Paul, an American science fiction writer (b. 26.11.1919)
SEPTEMBER 17: Victor Markovets Belarusian painter
September 30: Nicholas Krukovskiy Belarusian philosopher, cultural scientist (born 16.11.1923)
October 1:. Norbert rondo, German Slavic
7 October: Joanna Chmielewska, Polish writer (born 2.4.1932.)
14 October: Alexander Solodkov Belarusian scientist in physiology
28 October: Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a Polish politician (born 18.4.1927.)
November 12: Alexander silver, Soviet cosmonaut
November 17: Doris Lessing, British writer
November 30: Yuri Yakovlev, Russian actor
December 5 Ms. Nelson Mandela, South African President and Nobel Peace Prize
December 7: Edouard Molinaro, French filmmaker
December 15: Joan Fontaine, the Anglo-American actress
23 December: Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of small arms in the Soviet Union and Russia
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