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Events February 28:. Hekla volcano erupted April
19:. During the landing on the Philippine island of the plane fell 737, killing 131 persons
my 19 coup in Fiji, President. country save Kamiseze sire Dream declares state of emergency
June 22:. by Indians of Oregon are allowed once a year holds a traditional ceremony around the Willamette meteorite, which is stored at the American Museum of Natural history in New York August 12
:. in Barents sea killed the nuclear submarine "Kursk»
AUGUST 27:. The fire at the Ostankino TV tower in Moscow .
December 15: Discontinued third reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
in the city of Santa Ana (Province of San Jose, Costa Rica) is formed by the college, which in 2006 received the status of a college of the international community..

Born January 12, Evgeny Glebov, Belarusian composer (born 10.9.1929.)
March 5: Nikolai Ermolovich Belarusian historian and writer (born 29.4.1921.)
21 my John Gielgud, English actor (born 14.4.1904.)
May 21: Barbara Cartland, British writer, author of numerous romance novels (b. 9.7.1901)
September 14: Jerzy Giedroyc, the Polish journalist, publisher and editor of the Polish magazine "Kultura" in Paris (born 27.7.1906)
September 20:. German Titov, Soviet cosmonaut (born 07.11.1935. )
October 4th: Michael Smith, a Canadian biochemist, Nobel Prize in chemistry (born 26.4.1932)


Выпадковыя Артыкула

Роберт Салоў

Роберт Салоў

23 жніўня 1924(1924-08-23) (91 год) Месца нараджэння Бруклін, Нью-Ёрк, ЗША Грамадзянства ЗША...


Назву Студзёнкі маюць: Населеныя пункты Беларусь Мінская вобласць: Студзёнкі — вёска ў Вілейскім р...
Македонская грэкакаталіцкая царква

Македонская грэкакаталіцкая царква

Македонская грэкакаталіцкая царква — адна з усходнекаталіцкіх цэркваў, якія прытрымліваюцца віз...
Горад Хайдарабад, Індыя

Горад Хайдарабад, Індыя

Хайдарабад (хіндзі: नई दिल्ली) — агульная сталіца абодвух індыйскіх штатаў Андхра-Прадэш і Тэлангана...