one thousand nine hundred forty-five

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27 JANUARY:. The Soviet Army liberates Auschwitz
JANUARY 30: The crew of the Soviet submarine S-13, commanded by Captain 3rd rank Alexander Maryneski sank near the Bay of Danzig German superliner «Wilhelm Gustloff», in connection with which Germany was proclaimed three days of mourning, and Hitler announced Marynesku his personal enemy
February 2: Alexis I was elected Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
8 my Nazi Germany surrendered in world war
March 10: The heaviest air raid by US striker vshchykami B-29, the city of Tokyo, which has led to major destruction and casualties among the residents of the city
JANUARY 1:. Olga Ipatov, the Belarusian writer
April 14: Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist of English, a member of Deep Purple , Rainbow
APRIL 25: Christian Bjorn Ulvevs, Swedish singer, musician and composer. One of the founders of ABBA quartet
October 21: Nikita Mikhalkov, a Russian actor and film director
November 15: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Swedish singer, soloist quartet of ABBA

Born January 6: Maria Magdalena Radziwill, Belarusian patron (nar.8.7.1861)
February 5: Semen hermit, Hero of the Soviet Union, was born in Belarus (born 10.02.1921.)
March 31: Hans Fischer, a German doctor, Nobel Prize in chemistry (1930 )
April 20: Adolf Hitler, the ideologue and the central figure of Nazism, the founder of a totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich ( born 1889)
August 10:. Robert Goddard, an American scientist raketatehnik
August 31 Stefan Banach, a Polish mathematician
September 24: Hans Wilhelm Geiger, German physicist
October 8: Felix Zalten Austrian writer, journalist, critic
December 28: Theodore Dreiser, American writer (born 27.7.1871.)


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Макар'еў руск: Мака́рьев — горад з 1778 года у Расіі, адміністрацыйны цэнтр Макар'еўскага раёна...
Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў

Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў

Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў Дата нараджэння: 10 мая 1931(1931-05-10) Месца нараджэння: в. Нова...


Назву Гаро́дна маюць: Змест 1 Азёры 1.1 Беларусь 1.2 Віцебская вобласць 1.3 Брэсцкая вобласць ...
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