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19 August 2016 - two hundred and thirty first one (two hundred and thirty second one in a leap year), day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
. events
43 BC:. Gaius Julius Caesar forced the Senate to elect him consul
1487: Malaga won from the Castilian troops of the Arabs and annexed to Castile
1561: Queen Mary Stuart returned to Scotland
one thousand five hundred sixty-two: Nevel under polish detachment (1.5 th.) led by S. Moscow Lesnyavolskim pitched th army (15 thousand.) headed by K.
1782. The Battle of Blue Licks, the last significant battle in the American Revolutionary War
1812: During the Anglo-American War, the American frigate "Kanstytyushan" wins British frigate "Gerer" off the coast of Nova Scotia
1919: Afghanistan became independent from Britain in 1925
: Vilnius began publication of the newspaper "Life of Belarusian"
1989, Polish President Wojciech Jaruzelski appoint activist of the "Solidarity" Tadeusz Prime Minister Mazowiecki
1991: Attempted coup in the USSR: the conspirators removed from power M haila Gorbachev and declared a state of emergency
1999: In Belgrade, tens of thousands of Serbs in Slabodana require Milosevic to resign as president of Yugoslavia
2002: Under Grozny hit by a Russian transport helicopter, killing 118 soldiers
2003: Iraq near the headquarters UN headquarters, a bomb exploded. Killed 22 people, among them Sergio de Melo Weir, chief secretary of the Iraqi branch of the UN
2005: The first joint exercise Russia and China troops
Bill Clinton
1631: John Drayden, English poet
one thousand seven hundred forty-five: Johan Gottlieb Gan, Swedish chemist and mineralogy
1831: Zygmunt Czechowicz, a participant of the uprising 1863-1864
1853:. Alexei Brusilov, a Russian general (died 1926.)
one thousand eight hundred eighty-one: George Enescu, Romanian composer
1893: Boļeslavs Sloskāns, a Catholic priest, religious and public figure of Belarus abroad (died 18.4.1981.)
1896: Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist (pom 16.9.1980.)
1912 Boris Mikulic, Belarusian writer (born 16.6.1954.)
1946: Bill Clinton, US President
1946: Victor Gordey, Belarusian poet
1969: Algirdas Neverovsky, Belarusian journalist
1973: Mark Materatsy Italian footballer

Born Gaius Julius Caesar
14: Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor (born 63 BC.)
440: III of Sixtus, Pope
1282: Hartman Geldrungen background, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order
one thousand six hundred sixty-two: Blaise Pascal, French scientist (b. 19.6.1623)
1819: James Watt, Scottish engineer, inventor-mechanic (born 19.1.1736)
1856:. Charles Frédéric Gerhardt, Alsatian chemist (born 21.8.1816)
1929:. Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, Russian art and theater actor (born 31.3.1872.)
1936. Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet and playwright (born 5.6.1898.)
1977 Arkady Movzona, Belarusian playwright (born 23.9.. 1918)
1994: Linus Carl Pauling, American chemist, Nobel Prize in chemistry and the Nobel peace Prize (born 28.2.1901)
Afghanistan - Day

19 жніўня

Выпадковыя Артыкула

Летні сад

Летні сад

Летні сад (руск.: Ле́тний сад) — паркавы ансамбль, помнік садова-паркавага мастацтва першай трэ...
Хутар Высокія

Хутар Высокія

Высо́кія[1] (трансліт.: Vysokija, руск.: Высокие) — хутар у Воранаўскім раёне Гродзенскай вобла...
Канстытуцыя Венгрыі

Канстытуцыя Венгрыі

Канстытуцыя Венгрыі (венг.: A Magyar Köztársaság alkotmánya) — асноўны закон Венгрыі, прыняты 1...
Дзень святой Люсіі

Дзень святой Люсіі

Дзень святой Люсіі — свята, якое адзначаецца 13 снежня ў каталіцкіх і пратэстанцкіх краінах Гісторы...