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2016 June 14 - one hundred and sixty five (one hundred and sixty six in a leap year), day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
Ibn Batuta
1 325: Arab merchant Ibn Battuta left his native city of Tangier and went to 30-year journey
1634: a peace treaty between Russia and the Commonwealth;. . The end of the Smolensk War
1 777: Approved by the US national flag with 13 white stars on a blue background, and 13 red and white stripes (on the number of available staff time)
1792:. Making Emblem Borisov
1847:. The German chemist Robert Bunsen invented vodka, which allows to adjust the size of the flame (Bunsen vodka)
one thousand eight hundred ninety-eight:. In the Russian Empire for the first time legally limited working hours
1905. Rise of the Russian battleship "Potemkin" (the Russian revolution, 1905-1907).
1906 took place in Bialystok pogrom
1937:. In Moscow, arrested Nicholas Goloded.
1938 founded the Belarusian State Puppet Theater
1940:. The troops of Nazi Germany entered Paris
1941:. began the deportation of citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to remote regions of Russia
1982. The surrender of the Argentine forces on Falkland islands (Falklands war)
1995:. Terror squad Shamil Basayev took hostage around 1,600 people in the town of Budennovsk hospital
pendant one thousand seven hundred thirty-six:. Charles Coulomb, French physicist (d. 23.8.1806)
one thousand eight hundred sixty-two: Gustav Klimt, Austrian painter (died 6.2.1918)
1867:. Mitrofan Dovnar-Zapolskiy, historian, anthropologist, economist (died 30.9.1934)
1900. Michael Zabeyda-Sumitsky, singer, educator (died 21.12.1981.)
1903 Alonzo Chorch, American logician and mathematician (died 11.8.1995.)
1924 James Black, Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine Prize ( 1988) (died 22.3.2010)
1928. Che Guevara, Latin American revolutionary (died 9/10/1967)
1931:. Igor Sorokin, Belarusian opera singer
1944: Jeanne Bichevskaya, Russian singer
1969: Steffi Graf, German tennis player
Mary K Sat
847: Methodius I, Patriarch of Constantinople
1903 Yan Karlovich, Belarusian linguist, ethnographer, folklorist, musicologist (born 28.5.1836.)
1911 Johan Severin Svendsen, Norwegian composer
1920: Max Weber, the German sociologist
one thousand nine hundred twenty-six Mary COSATU, American artist (born 22.5.1844.)
+1934: Jacob Balgley, French artist
1936. G. K. Chesterton, British writer, journalist and literary critic
1946: John Lovgi Baird, a Scottish engineer
1968 Salvatore Quasimodo, the Italian writer, poet, translator; Nobel Prize in Literature (born 20.8.1901.)
1986, Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine writer
UN: World Blood Donor Day
US Flag Day
Iraq: Women's Day
Paraguay: peace Day
Falkland Islands: Day

14 чэрвеня

Выпадковыя Артыкула

Вёска Смольнікі, Камянецкі раён

Вёска Смольнікі, Камянецкі раён

Смо́льнікі[1] (трансліт.: Smoĺniki, руск.: Смольники) — вёска ў Камянецкім раёне Брэсцкай вобла...


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Горад Бадахас

Горад Бадахас

Каардынаты: 38°52′48″ пн. ш. 6°58′12″ з. д. / 38.88° пн. ш. 6.97° з. д. (...
Аграгарадок Відамля

Аграгарадок Відамля

Ві́дамля[1] (трансліт.: Vidamlia, руск.: Видомля) — аграгарадок у Камянецкім раёне Брэсцкай воб...