Titus Dahl

Titus Dahl (.. 1 (13) in May 1840, folv Kunkulka Lida d, place the farm is not localized - December 30, 1863 (11 January 1864), Vilnius) - one of the participants in the uprising 1863-1864
Born in the family. fine gentleman Dominic Dahl. Studied in Vilensk gymnasium where friends with F. Bogushevich [1]. He participated in the revolutionary student movement in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where at that time studied at the universities. One of the companions of K. Kalinowski on the eve of the uprising, since the summer of 1863 to lead the uprising. Kalinovsky was appointed to the post of chief of the rebel Vilnius. He was arrested in December 1863, was shot in Vilnius Lukishki area.
See. also
Alexander Dahl, a member of the Rebellion of 1863-1864
Florian Dahl, a member of the Rebellion of 1863-1864
Frantisek Dahl (1825 - 25/04/1904, folv Mines Leeds County..), the brother of Titus. One of the white party leaders. . Sentenced to 10 years' hard labor in Siberia before the uprising and 20 years of hard labor after the uprising
Constantine Dahl (1837 - 25/05/1871), brother of Titus, commander of the detachment on Kovenshchyne. In exile, shot by Versailles during the defeat of the Paris Commune.
Apollonius with Dahl (1841-1915), sister of Titus, wife of Zygmunt Sierakowski.
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