Frederick Augustus I of Saxony Oldenburgski

Friedrich August of Holstein-Gotarpski (German: Friedrich August von Oldenburg; September 20, 1711, the palace Gotarp - July 6, 1785, Oldenburg.) - Prince-Bishop of Lubeck with 15 December 1750 and at the same time graph with December 14, 1773, and later with the March 22, 1777 Duke oldenburgski. From the house of Holstein-Gotarpav.
The brother of Swedish King Adolf Fredrik. Uncle of Catherine II (the brother of her mother Johanna Elizabeth).
Friedrich August was the sixth child in a family of Christian August of Schleswig-Holstein-Gotarpskaga and Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlahskay.
At the end of 1743, when we were talking about matchmaking niece with the heir to the Russian throne, Frederick Augustus personally brought to St. Petersburg portrait of the bride, written by the Prussian court painter Antoine Peng.
in 1750. Frederick Augustus inherited Lyubekskae principality-bishopric with its center at the residence of a senior Eytynskay sconce and that a year later was to become the King of Sweden.
After the death of Friedrich August in 1785, the Duchy of mentally ill son Peter Friedrich August Friedrich Wilhelm drove his nephew Peter Friedrich Ludwig Oldenburgski son Georg Ludwig.
November 21, 1752 he married Ulrica Wilhelmina Frederick of Hesse-Kaselskay, daughter of Maximilian of Hesse-Kaselskaga
In Frederick Augustus had three children:.
Peter Friedrich Wilhelm (1754-1823)
Louise Carolina (1756 1759)
Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte (1759-1818)

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