Wladyslaw Sikorski

Wladyslaw Sikorski (Polish:.. Władysław Sikorski; 8 (20) .5.1881, carcass Narodowy near Mielec, Austria-Hungary, now in the Carpathians region, Poland - 04/07/1943), a Polish socio-political, state and military figure, General.
graduated from the Pedagogical seminary in Zheshave, studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute. March 1902 took part in the Polish national educational and national liberation movement. In the 1st world war one of the founders of the Polish Legions in the Austro-Hungarian army. In February 1918, he broke off relations with Austria and Germany, for a prisoner in a concentration camp. In April 1918 he released. At the end of 1918 - 1st half of 1919 participated in the battles against the forces of the West Ukrainian People's Republic. In 1919-20 he commanded a division in Polesie, participated in the capture of node Mozyr-Kalinkovichi. After the failure of the Polish forces in Ukraine participated in the battle for Brest. In the summer and autumn of 1920 successively commander of the 5th and 3rd armies (the last post was about Grodno, had the task, if necessary, to support the performance of General L. Żeligowski to Vilnius). 3 one thousand nine hundred twenty-one Chief of the General Staff of the Polish foreign policy orientation advocated on France, one of the developers of the theory of "two enemies of Poland," ie, Germany and Soviet Russia. In 1922-23 both the Prime Minister and Minister of Military Affairs, in February 1924 - November 1925 Minister of Military Affairs. He advocated the easing of compulsory polonization minority. In 1926 did not support the coup J. Pilsudski in 1928 dismissed the commander of the military district.
Wladyslaw Sikorski
After the occupation of Poland by German troops went to France, where the September 30, 1939 led the government in exile, at the same time he served as Minister of Military Affairs and chief inspector of the armed forces (after the defeat of France in 1940 the government moved to London). July 30, 1941 restored diplomatic relations with the USSR. In December 1941 he visited the Soviet Union and received permission I. Sgalina to create in the USSR the Polish armed forces of the Polish military internees in 1939. However Sidorsky and his government considered the inclusion of the Western Belarus and Western Ukraine in 1939 in the Soviet Union as illegal and advocated the revival of the Polish state within the borders prior to September 1939. in April 1943, Soviet authorities accused in the shooting of Polish officers at Katyn, which led to the rupture of relations with the USSR government Sidorskiy. Was killed in an air crash near Gibraltar after returning from a tour of inspection of the Army V. Anders in the Middle East.

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