Teutonic Order

Warband, Order Teutonic knights communication hospital. Mary in Jerusalem, German military order founded in 1190 in Ake, where pilgrims from Lübeck and Bremen set up the hospital, soon passed under the patronage of the German church of St. Mary in Jerusalem. It was also known as German or Prussian Order.
In 1198 the Crusaders Emperor Henry VI transformed the hospital brotherhood in order of chivalry, opened in his brothers only Germans. Until 1291 the Order resided in Accra, and after the fall of the city - in Venice. Meanwhile broke feud between the Teutons and two other crusaders Orders: Templars and the Hospitallers. In the beginning. XIII century. Thus transferred its activities in Eastern Europe and initially settled in Transylvania - serving here barrier raids of the Cumans. Then the Emperor Frederick II reorganized the order, giving the Grand Master Hermann von Salzach princely title and sent the Knights the conquest and Christianization of the eastern border land the Holy Roman Empire.
In 1226 Hermann von Salza responded to the request for help book. Konrad Mazowiecki and organized a crusade against the Prussians. According to the agreement with Conrad Order he inherited chełmno land in the Mazovia as a springboard, as well as all of the land that will win in the pagan Prussia. In 1234 the Teutons formally recognized its ownership papal fief, but actually was a separate state as weak papal power could not give him anything like a significant impact. In 1237 the Teutonic Order He joined the Order of the Sword, having suffered before this defeat by Russian, Lithuanians and Zemgale, and significantly increased. In the following century, the order established control over the entire Baltic coast of Pomerania borders the Gulf of Finland (See also:. War Order in Prussia, the war of the Order with ON), building a number of cities (. eg, Memel, one thousand two hundred fifty-three) and castles, and made atonement for Poland and the ON output to the Baltic sea. Thus isolated land German knights as a county, settled in the conquered lands of German peasants, and together with the Hanseatic cities of Union founded a number of new trade settlements. In 1309 the Order of He moved his capital to Marienburg (now. Malbork, Poland).
in the beginning. XIV century. Thus He reached the peak of its power and prosperity. In the second floor. XIV century. It has seen a strengthening of Poland, especially after its merger with ON. During the Great War with the Union Poland and ON the power of the Order has been broken, especially in the Battle of Grunwald (1410). According to the world of Torun 1466, Poland has completed the thirteen years war with the Teutonic Order (1454-66), the latter pleaded vassal of Poland and handed her West Prussia. In 1525 the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Senior Albrecht Hohenzollern adopted Lutheranism and produced the secularization of East Prussia, which became henceforth the Crown Duchy. If in 1618 this dynastic line cut short, the Duchy passed into the possession of the Elector of Brandenburg, also of Hohenzollern.
In 1801 France annexed the lands of the Teutonic Knights in the west of the Rhine, and in 1809, Napoleon issued the decree closed the Order and gave it to land on the right bank of the Rhine . German ally
Teutonic Order has been restored in Austria in 1834 - as a Catholic noble union. After 1918 exists only priestly orders branch transformed Pius XI in spiritual order, with residence in Vienna. The Order continues to exist within Protestantism in Utrecht [source?]
Great Masters
Coat of Arms of the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order
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Heinrich von Valpot Basenhaym 1198-1200
Otto von Kerpen 1200-1208
Heinrich von Thun 1208-1209
Hermann von Salza 1209-1239
Conrad Thuringian 1239-1240
Gerhard von Malberg 1240-1244
Heinrich von Hohenlohe 1244- 1249
Gunther von Vyulersleben 1250-1252
booty background Asterna 1252-1256
Hartmann von Geldrungen 1273-1282
Konrad von Feuchtwangen 1291-1296
Kravtsev uk AK Teutonic Order: from Jerusalem to Grunwald - MH, 1993.
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