Thelma 1

Thelma 11 transliteration: Teĺmy 1 eng: Thelma 1 - village Brest region Brest region is a part of Telminskaga village council is located 9 km to the east of Brest, 9 km from the railway Brest-East station on the highway Brest-Kobrin, in the east - drainage canals to the west - forest

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Gistoryyapravits | edit source
In the 19th century village in the district of Brest, Grodno province Was a member of Jamno estate, owned by Mr. Conductor In 1890, the peasants of the village belonged to the agricultural society Jamnické
In 1905, a village in the parish Kositskay Brest county Grodno province According to Riga a peace treaty in 1921 as a part of Poland, in the commune of Brest Kositskay povet Polesie province
Since 1939, as a part of the BSSR in 1940 opened 7-year-old school in the Great Patriotic war, the Nazis burned 40 yards, 7 redneck died at the front in
Infrastrukturapravits | edit source
«Brest» Center Communal Unitary Agricultural Enterprise
In the village gas distribution station, fur farm, house of culture, high school, kindergarten, nursery, clinic, post office, rural library, a dining room, a grocery and department store, state enterprise "Airport" Brest "Brest district production and operational enterprise energy" Rayselenerga "Brest branch of" Belaeronavigatsia »
Naselnitstvapravits | edit source
71 peasant soul
21 1858 yard, 201 resident
1897 148 inhabitants in 1905
17 yards, 101 resident
41 1921 yard, 164 inhabitants in 1940
214 inhabitants in 1959
443 632 inhabitants in 1970
economy 1963 1997
residents of 667 households, 1972 residents in 2005

Notes ↑ The names of settlements of the Republic of Belarus: Brest region: a normative reference / and A Gaponenko and others; ed VP Lemtyugovoy - M .: Technology, 2010- 318 with ISBN 978-985-458-198-9 DJVU also found a variant Thelma first
Litaraturapravits | edit source
Towns and villages in Belarus: Encyclopedia in 15 volumes of T 3, Vol 1, Brest region / under the editorship of Sciences AI Lokotko - M .: BelEn 2006 ISBN 985-11-0373-X
Spasylkipravits | edit source
to Commons is no media on the subject, but you can download them

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Telminski village council
Thelma 1
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terminated s village councils
gershanskoy s / s Stradetski s / s

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