Stefan Vagaryde


1775 Place of birth: Bulgaria
Date of death:
August 1, 1859 (1859-08-01)
Place of death:
Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Marmurovamorski region, Turkey
sons Alexander and Nicholas
Vagaryde Stefan on Commons
prince (bey) Stefan Vagaryde (rack Tsonkav rack bolg:. Prince Stefan Bogoridi ; Greek: Στέφανος Βογορίδης; room: Ştefan Vogoride; Turkish: Stefanaki Bey; 1775 or 1780 Kotsel - August 1, 1859) - a high-ranking ottoman statesman of Bulgarian origin, clotted cream of Moldova (1821-1822), Prince of Samos (1836,... -1849).
grandson Bishop Sophronius Vrachanskaga, the father of Alexander and Nicholas Vagaryde.

Biography Born in Kotsel (Bulgaria). Stefan and his brother were named Athanasius Vagaryde (Bagoryde) in honor of Khan Boris I, the first Christian ruler of Bulgaria, also known under the name of Boris.
grekamovnay studied at the Academy of St. Sava in Bucharest, which was replaced by the name of the Bulgarian stand on the Greek Stefan. After graduation, he joined the Ottoman fleet in the post dragamana. In 1799, under the command of Mustafa Said Pasha he took part in the Battle of Aboukir against Napoleon Bonaparte. Miraculously escaped after the defeat of Ottoman forces.
In 1812, along with a host Vagaryde Scarlat Kallimaha went to Moldova until 1819 was head of the Galati. In one thousand eight hundred twenty-one, during the revolt of Tudor Vladimirescu and invasion Filiki air during the Greek War of Independence he became the nominal Vagaryde Kaimakam Wallachia, and retained this position during the advance of Turkish troops on Alexander Ipsilantsi in 1822. After the transfer of power Ianitse Sturda returned to the Navy in the post dragamana. In 1825-1828 he served in exile in Anatolia
After the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829 and the conclusion Adryyanopalskaga world was an adviser Mahmud II, who gave him the title of Bey (Greek:. Ηγεμόνας). And appointed the head of the island of Samos. Vagaryde visited the island only once in 1839 and led them from Istanbul. He renamed the capital of the island in Stefanopalis after himself, and because of the despotic control was hated by the Greek population. In 1849, riots broke inhabitants of the island, which forced the Sultan in 1850 to send Vagaryde resign.
When Abdul-Mezhyde Vagaryde I was a member of the Tanzimat and advisor to the Sultan. It is believed that he was the only Christian who after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, took into his home as a guest of the Sultan.
Vagaryde received permission Abdul Mezhyda for construction in Istanbul, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and in 1849 donated for this purpose its house in Fener - this place was later built the church of St.. Stefan.
died in 1859 in Istanbul.
Currently, it is at this place is known for the iron church.
Lista domnitorilor Moldovei (1247-1859) (Malden.)
Leaders Moldavian principality
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