Stasevka (Bobruisky area)

Stasevka1 transliteration: Stasieŭka, Russian: Stasevka - a village in Bobruisk district, Mogilev region is a member of the village council Vishnovskaga Located on the right bank of the Berezina River, 30 km south of Bobruisk, 140 km away from Mogilev, 25 km from the railway station
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Frunze MV Frunze

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Naselnitstvapravits | edit source
1844 - 213 inhabitants
1857 - 224 inhabitants
1897 - 564 inhabitants
1907 - 919 inhabitants
1917 - 797 inhabitants
1926 - 957 residents
1959 - 786 inhabitants
1970 - 659 inhabitants
1986 - 487 inhabitants
1997 - 392 inhabitants
2001 - 387 inhabitants
2007 - 338 inhabitants
2014 - 271 resident
Gistoryyapravits | edit source
I remember in the registry acts of the 1st half of XVII century as an island or Stasov Stasov Beach In the 2 nd half of the XVIII century the village as part of the Rechitsa powiat of the Minsk province Rzeczpospolita In 1844 the village as part of the estate Royal Sloboda Bobruisk district of Minsk province 25 yards, the property of the landowner in 1897 Stasevtsy 91 residential courtyard, village is part of the parish Bobruisk district Parichskogo
in 1913 opened one-class public school, a teacher works Anastasia Serdyukov in the village of 114 households in 1917 census 1925 88 school students in 1926 and 1932 for the construction of new school buildings, school functions literacy among adults kolkhoz "On Guard" was organized in 1930, the work of animal-drawn gang "Lazakrut", a smithy and a mill
in 1986 210 holdings, as a part of the collective farm "Frunze", there are workshops for the repair of agricultural equipment, plant for the production of baskets and brooms, sawmill, school, FAP, vetuchastak, post office, telephone exchange, a cultural center, a library, 2 stores, a comprehensive collection point for household lovogo public service
Victims of Political represiypravits | edit source
with an overview of the NKVD of the city department of the Bobruisk Bobruisk district political and economic state of one thousand nine hundred thirty-one year
«10 counterrevolutionary factors neighborhood
From advise affected by anti-Soviet elements are: Rymovetsky, Osovsky, Sychkovsky, Malevsky, Prodvinsky, Kapustinsky, Vorotynsky s / s ...
Over the past 1927-1930 years there were 4 cases of mass demonstrations, koi took place in 1930 and at the time of the eviction of the kulaks ...
in addition, in the spring of 1931 there was a mass Venue peasants in the village Stasevka Prodvinskogo with / with - on the basis of allotment of land and farm prokulak and fists were not allowed to go to farmers plow the land allotted This presentation was attended by 100 people, the primarily female ... »
Ivan G. Kulik, lived in the village Stasevka repressed in 1932 rehabilitated 24,021,993 g
Euphemia Ivanovna Kulik, lived in village Stasevka repressed in 1932. Rehabilitated 24,021,993 g
Carp Petrovich paw, born in 1896 in the village of Stasevka, worked on the farm name Stasevay repressed 16,071,938 19,111,939 g g Rehabilitated
Fyodor Potapchik, born in 1893 in the village of Stasevka Teacher punished 30091938 g was shot in 1938 rehabilitated 03,121,956 g
Monuments of history and arhealogiipravits | edit source
Silicon inventory from parking Stasevka
Stayankapravits | edit source
for 750 meters to the west of the village, on the second nadpoplavnay terrace of the right bank of the Berezina River is poznamezalitychnaya parking 9-5 thousand BC, the Dnieper-Desninskoy culture height above the water level 10 parking meters discovered and explored in the area of 90 m² 1978 researcher at the Institute of history of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus in P Ksendzov cultural layer destroyed
plowing at a depth of 0.2-0.4 m residues found roundish in terms of housing with a diameter of about 5 meters and agnishcha about 2 meters in diameter, the device with the "Sozh "cr emnyu: chisels, scrapers of the plates and flakes, awls, trapeze, arrowhead, spearhead, Drawing knives, plates and retouched flakes, cores Collection silicon products consisted of 82 items
obtained during the excavation materials make it possible to get an idea of the local pioneers Tools of the Trade they are made of high-quality chalk dark gray flint, which is not found on the Berezina and possibly delivered from other places Some objects made of lower-quality raw materials - Zhevlakov small boulders and yellow and gray colors, which washed out of the moraine river
common grave of Soviet soldiers and partyzanpravits | edit source
Located in the village cemetery is buried 66 soldiers and two guerrillas killed in combat against German troops in 1943-1944 In 1975, the grave stele placed the memorial inscription
Monument MV Frunze Frunzepravits | edit source
The monument is located in the center of the village on the street Frunze, near the building of the Board of SEC "named MV Frunze" bust installed in 1975
Folk Village Stasevka team

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Litaraturapravits | edit source
Belarusian Encyclopedia: 18 tons T15: sledovik - Trio / the Editorial Board: GP Pashkov, etc. - M: BelEn, 2002 - T 15 - 552 - 10 000 copies
Cities and vëski Belarus Magilëvskaya area book 1 MN Belarusian Encyclopedia named after Petrus Brovki 2008
Memory Bobruisk district - M .: BelEn, one thousand nine hundred ninety-eight
archeology and numismatics Belarusian Encyclopedia MN Belarusian Encyclopedia named after Petrus Brovki 1 993
Body of historical and cultural monuments of Belarus Mogilev region MN Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia named Peter Brovki 1986

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Стасеўка (Бабруйскі раён)

Выпадковыя Артыкула



Макар'еў руск: Мака́рьев — горад з 1778 года у Расіі, адміністрацыйны цэнтр Макар'еўскага раёна...
Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў

Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў

Сцяпан Захаравіч Гаўрусёў Дата нараджэння: 10 мая 1931(1931-05-10) Месца нараджэння: в. Нова...


Назву Гаро́дна маюць: Змест 1 Азёры 1.1 Беларусь 1.2 Віцебская вобласць 1.3 Брэсцкая вобласць ...
307 да н.э.

307 да н.э.

гады 309 да н.э. 308 да н.э. 307 да н.э. 306 да н.э. 305 да н.э. дзесяцігоддзі 320-я да н...

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Аккурганский раён

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Засос, Іван Іванавіч

Іван Іванавіч засос 1900 - 1941 - выконваючы абавязкі старшыні артылерыйскага камітэта Галоўнага арт
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Аманіту (головоногого)

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Шахтавае (укр. Шахтавых) - пасёлак гарадскога тыпу, размешчаны ў Данецкай вобласці (Украіна) у 2 км