right ascension

Ascension (α, R, A - English:. Right Ascension) - celestial equator arc size from the vernal equinox to the declination circle luminary. Ascension - one of the second coordinate system equatorial (there is also one in which is used a clockwise angle). The second coordinate -. Declination
ascension is measured eastward from the vernal equinox. To measure the RA-degree or measure is used (from 0 ° to 360 °), or measure hour (from 0h to 24h). . Thus 24h = 360 °
ascension - astronomical equivalent terrestrial longitude second equatorial system. And the right ascension and longitude measured angle "east-west" along the equator; Both measures take the count from the zero point on the equator. The origin of longitude on the Earth - the prime meridian; the beginning of the Right Ascension on the sky -. the vernal equinox
physical meaning of the RA is that if the local real high point of the observer is the right ascension of light, it is at the top of the climax - the highest, that is the most convenient possible for of the place of observation point of the celestial sphere.
concept of right ascension was known in the days of Giparha that identifies the location of stars in the equatorial coordinates in the II century BC But Giparh and his successors were their catalogs of stars in ekliptychnay coordinate system.
With the invention of the telescope was possible to observe celestial objects in greater detail. In order to keep the object in view for a long time, it is convenient to use an equatorial mount, which allows the telescope rotates around the polar axis. In this regard, and it was decided the equatorial coordinate system.
first star catalog in which to determine the coordinates of objects used by right ascension and declination, was Historia Coelestis Britannica, John Flamsteed.
Right ascension and declination visualized

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