South of Russia (1919-1920)

South Russia Russian: South Russia - during the Civil War, an autonomous entity in the south of Russia 1918-1920 Russia South Center was the area of the Don Cossacks in form controls the south of Russia was represented by a military dictatorship headed by Kornilov, Denikin and Wrangel in the pores of the flourishing southern Russia included a left-bank Ukraine, the North Caucasus, the Crimea, the Lower Volga region South Russia was represented by an unstable formation because the leaders had to deal with separatism Cossack republics and the mountain peoples, and to maneuver between Ryan monarchists and SRs In foreign policy was guided by the South Russian Entente countries Apart from the external enemies of the Bolsheviks treated the armed forces of Makhno and the Ukrainian Directory

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Anton Denikin
Imperial Russian Army
Arhangelagarodski 17th infantry regiment · The First World war: Iron brigade · 8th army Corps · · Western front Southwestern front
White movement
· Volunteer army Armed forces of South Russia
Political activities
1917: the Kornilov revolt · Byardychavskae seat · Bykhovsky seat · 1918: Special meeting VSYUR · 1919: South Russia · Moscow · Directive march on Moscow · Appeal to the population of the Ukraine Government VSYUR · · 1920: South Russian Government
literary activity
Essays on Russian Troubles · Who saved the Soviet regime from death · World events · Russian question old army · Path of a Russian officer
Ivan Denikin father · Elizabeth Urzhasinskaya mother · · Xenia Chizh wife Marina Denikin's daughter
reburial in Russia in 2005 · Memorial white soldiers on the Don assistant

Поўдзень Расіі (1919—1920)

Выпадковыя Артыкула



Каардынаты: 44° пн. ш. 20° у. д. / 44.8236° пн. ш. 20.4503° у. д. (G)...
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Аграгарадок Ісерна

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Вёска Шалыпы

Вёска Шалыпы

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