Papacy - theological and religious-political institution of Catholicism, which is constantly Pope head of the whole Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church the pope is also the supreme ruler of the Holy See, supporting the sovereign territory of which is the Vatican, where his permanent residence
Pope -. The head of the Catholic Church and the Vatican

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main article: The title of Pope
the title of Pope (from Latin: papa from the Greek:.. páppas - father) was first used by several Christian churches to determine their higher x clerics. It is now used almost exclusively for the determination of the highest spiritual personality of the Catholic Church. Officially, the highest clergyman of the Catholic Church, called by Pope since the pontificate Syrytsa (384). From 1389 candidates must also be
Cardinal Francis Pope. (Officially - Frantisek)
church tradition sees the Pope as the successor of St. Peter. Dad collects council and approve their decisions, gives the dignity of a cardinal and a bishop, he was subordinate to the generals of religious orders. The Pope is the absolute monarch of the Vatican, where he has his residence.
dad is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches. The dignity of the Pope is a lifetime, but it is possible to voluntarily renounce it, as was the case with Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013. After the death of, or refusal of the Pope convened a conclave -. A meeting of cardinals to elect a new Pope
In the Catholic Church the pope's authority is exceptional. In the words of the Constitution "Pastor aeternus" 1870 can be specified as follows: "the highest and complete power of jurisdiction over the universal Church the same in matters of faith and morals, as well as in matters of discipline and control", as well as the power of the "truly episcopal, ordinary and immediate over each without exception Church and over each without exception priest and faithful, regardless of any human power "(Kan. 218, ¹ 1-2). Education Pope is infallible only in the sphere of faith and morals. Pope makes its power through the Roman Curia, which has the right to address a particularly complex cases.
privilege of the Pope was the convening of the World Cathedral. This is a meeting of all the bishops, who heads the Pope and who claims the decision of the World Council.
bishops in communion with the Pope form the Church's Magisterium, whose purpose is in perfect retelling of the Gospel and preservation without distortion entrusted to the Church's faith.
pope also serves as the highest judiciary. It shall hear disputes relating to the validity of marriage, religious or promises the right to study Catholic theology in schools.
pope is elected for life conclave of cardinals. These elections have a long history and surrounded by mystery. According to the rules established in 1975, the conclave can not consist of more than 120 cardinals, and in the election of the Pope can not participate cardinals over 80 years. Pope elections are held in secrecy. For disclosure of information on the debates in the conclave of the violator threatens excommunication.
Voting takes place in the Sistine Chapel. Cardinals shut up as long as they do not decide. The word "conclave" means "closed room". The process can take several days. It happened that the conclave lasted for weeks and even months, some cardinals do not live up to their end. After the start of the conclave, Cardinal denied contact with the outside world, except for the cases when a medical emergency. All staff also takes an oath of silence.
The opening day of the conclave, the cardinals guided the procession to the Sistine Chapel. Here, the Cardinals will have the opportunity to hold the first vote, which will clarify which enjoys the support of each of the candidates for the highest office in the Church. The main voting begins the next morning. From that moment the vote will be held 4 times a day - two in the morning and two in the evening - until the cardinals elect a new pontiff. the names of candidates written on a piece of paper, trying to make it so that no one could guess whose name is entered. After each second ballot papers with burn candidate names. This is done in the afternoon and evening, and the securities are added special substances, to the people who will be watching the election from outside, were aware of what happens if the smoke black - hence the Pope has not yet selected, white is smoke means that Catholics of the world have a new leader.
Earlier, the new Pope was elected by a two-thirds majority. John Paul II made to the Apostolic Constitution of 1996 changes that allow you to choose the pope by simple majority vote, if you select a new pontiff is not obtained after 30 rounds of voting.
new pontiff then chooses a religious name, dons the papal robe and greets the faithful from the balcony of the Council . St. Peter
Pope main article: The title of Pope
Among the official titles of the pope used: Bishop of Rome, Deputy of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme High Priest of the World Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Monarch of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the servants of God.
above titles reflect a certain degree of heterogeneity of values and spheres of activity of the Pope. In some papal documents appear all these titles. Usually, however, under the signature of the Pope is the title, which is applied to the whole content of the document. For example, if a document refers only to the Vatican, the Pope signed by the monarch as the State of the Vatican City. If the content of the document comes to matters of faith and morals, the Pope signed by both Deputy Jesus Christ
Symbols of power
pastoral -. The papal staff, the symbol of the Successor of St. Peter, who watches over ovcharnikom
Piuska -. A little beanie white that Pope imposes on the middle of the head.
Paly is a symbol of papal apostolic authority, which is put on ornata in the liturgy. Paly is a strip of bleached wool of lambs blessed on the day of Pope Saint Agnieszka, which usually falls on January 21.
Pope has also ring Rybak. It represented St. Peter, who throws the network, and around this image is engraved the name of the Pope. Pope receives Fisherman's ring on the Dean College of Cardinals during the solemn Holy Mass, which begins pontificate. After confirmation of the death of the reigning Pope, or his resignation in the presence of three other cardinals the papal cardinal camerlengo breaks the ring. This is a sign that the pontificate of Pope
reached the end of the one who is the liturgy wears a white robe, a white belt with embroidered emblem
list of popes
Main article:.. List of popes at the time of their pontificate
list of popes in the Cathedral of St.. Peter in the Vatican
official list of the Pope does not exist, but the Vatican edition of the annual Annuario Pontificio contains lists, which are considered the most prestigious. According to them, account for 265 of the Popes (2008). By 1960, 266 persons settled in terms Annuario Pontificio, but in the edition 1961 of the list was excluded Stephan, elected in 752, at which until then was called Stephen II. Some lists contain Stefan, despite the recent changes, probably because it is based on the Catholic Encyclopedia 1913 edition
total of 307 sources mention dads, 3 of them -. Indefinitely. Of the remaining 304 dads antipopes and 39 - 32 in Rome, 2 and 5 in Pisa Avignon. Of the 265 popes -. 258 in Rome and 7 in Avignon
most common name popes elected John (26 times to XXIII), Room VII and XXIII used twice for these dads and antipopes, the XVI - was only antipopes, XX - It was with this number. In addition, the name John was used twice in the double name - John Paul. Other names applied dads -. Benedict (18 times to XVI), Gregory (18 times to XVI), Clement (17 times to XIV)
Pope and the limits of his power -
Papal rituals, symbols and ceremonies
Apostolic Palace, Vatican City • • • The papal coat of arms Conclave • Crowning • • Holy See Papal Enthronement • Cross • Miter • Matseta Paly • • • popemobile papal regalia and insignia • fisherman's Ring • Saint Peter's Cathedral • Area St. Peter's Basilica Lateran • • Sistine Chapel • Tiara • Fanon Camauro • • Habemus Papam • Sede Vacan te • Sedia Gestatoria • Vere Papa mortuus est

g p n

I of age
Peter Lin • • • Anacletus, Clement I • Evaryst
II century
Alexander Sixtus I • I • Telesfor Higin • • I • Pius the bishop of Rome • Shotaro Alevter • • I • Victor Sefiryn
III of age
Calixtus I • I • Urban Pantsiyan • Anter Fabian • • • Cornelius Lucius Stefan I • I • Sixtus II • • Dionisiy Felix Eutykhios I • • • Kai Marcelino
IV age
Marcellus Evseby I • • • Melhiyad Sylvester Mark • I • I • Julius Liberia Damasus • I • • Sirytsy Anastas I
V century
Innocent Zosim I • • I • Boniface Celestine I • Sixtus III • Leo Gilyarov I • • • simplicial Felix II • I • Gelasi Anastas II • Symmachus
VI age
Garmizd • I • Felix Yang IV • Boniface II • Yang Agapitus II • I • • Silver eve Pelagios • I • Ian Benedict III • I • Pelagios II • Gregory I
VII age
Sabinian III • • Boniface Boniface IV • Adeadat Boniface I • V • I • Honorius Severin Yang IV • • I • Martin Theodor Eugene I • I • • Vitaliyan Adeadat Donousa II • • • Agafja Leo II • Ian Benedict II • V • • Conan Sergy I
VIII age
VI • Yang Yang Sisinios VII • • I • Constantine Gregory II • Gregory III • • Zahar Stephen Paul II • I • Stephen (II) III • I • Adrian Leo III
IX age
Stefan IV • I • Paschalion Eugene Valentine II • • Gregory IV • Sergy II • Leo IV • Benedict III • Nicholas I • Adrian II • Yang VIII • I • Marin Adrian Stefan III • V (VI) • • Formosa Boniface VI • VI • Stefan Theodor novel II • • IX • Ian Benedict IV
X century
Leo V • Sergy III • Anastas III • Landes • Yang X • Leo VI • Stefan VII • Yang XI • Leo VII • Stefan VIII • Marin II • Agapitus II • Yang XII • Leo VIII • Benedict V • Yang XIII • Benedict VI • Benedict VII • Yang Yang XIV • Gregory XV • V • Sylvester II
XI age
Yang XVI I • Yang XVIII • Sergy IV • Benedict VIII • Yang XIX • Benedict IX • Sylvester III • Benedict IX • Gregory VI • Clement II • Benedict IX • Damasus II • Leo IX • Victor II • Stefan IX • Nicholas II • Alexander II • Gregory VII • Victor III • Urban II • paschalion II
XII age
Gelasi II • Calixtus II • Honorius II • Innocent II • Celestine II • Lucius II • Eugene III • Anastas IV • Adrian IV • Alexander III • Lucius III • Urban III • Gregory VIII • Clement III • Celestine III • Innocent III
XIII century
Honorius III • Gregory IX • Celestine IV • Innocent IV • Alexander IV • IV • Urban Climate nt Gregory IV • X • Innocent V • V • Adriaan Jan XXI • Martin Nicholas III • IV • Honorius IV • Nicholas IV • V • Celestine Boniface VIII
XIV age
Benedict Clement XI • V • Ian Benedict XXII • XII • Clement VI • Innocent VI • V • Urban Gregory XI • Urban VI • Boniface IX
XV age
Innocent VII • Gregory XII • V • Martin Eugene Nicholas IV • V • Calixtus III • Pius Paul II II • • Sixtus IV • Innocent VIII • Alexander VI
XVI century
Pius III • Julius II • X • Leo Adrian VI • Clement VII • Paul III • Julius III • Marcellus II • Paul IV • Pius Pius IV • V • Gregory XIII • Sixtus V • Urba VII • Gregory XIV • Innocent IX • Clement VIII
XVII age
Leo XI • V • Paul Gregory XV • Urban Innocent VIII • X • Alexander VII • Clement Clement IX • X • Innocent XI • Alexander VIII • Innocent XII • Clement XI
XVIII century
Innocent XIII • Benedict XIII • Clement XII • Benedict XIV • Clement XIII • Clement XIV • Pius VI • Pius VII
XIX century
Leo XII • Pius VIII • Gregory XVI • Pius IX • Leo XIII
XX century
Pius X Benedict the XV • • • Pius the XI Pius the XII • Jan • the XXIII, Paul VI • John Paul I • John Paul II
XXI century
Benedict the XVI • Francis
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