Balloon - toy produced mainly from latex, small size. It is inflated with air or other gas (helium, hydrogen inflating NOT). If gas is used, lighter than air, the ball acquires the ability to fly. It is mainly used for decoration and holidays.

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History appearance
first balls were made of animal bladder (pig).
Children who inflated bubble
Modern balloons were born in 1824. They were invented by the English scientist Michael Faraday during his experiments with hydrogen (which later were replaced with helium)
Balloons complex shape
Scientists have studied the elastic properties of rubber -. And he built from this material two "cakes". In order to "cake" did not stick together, Faraday handled their inner sides with flour. And then his fingers glued them raw, remaining sticky region. The result was something like a bag - which could be used for experiments with hydrogen
80 years later after scientific bag for hydrogen turned into a popular amusement: rubber balls are widely used in Europe during city holidays.. At the expense of gas they could climb up - and it liked the public, have not spoiled any air flight or other wonders of technology
But these balloons, something like their legendary predecessors: they used hydrogen (as he is. of course, highly explosive gas). But, nevertheless, to hydrogen we are all used to - well, that special troubles of balls with this gas was not until 1922. Then in the United States on one of the city's holiday a joker for fun blew art holiday decoration - ie the balloons. As a result, explosion damaged the official, and therefore law enforcement agencies have responded quickly enough. Fun, which proved to be quite dangerous, finally stopped by banning balloons filled with hydrogen. From this decision, no one was hurt - hydrogen in the balls immediately took much safer helium. This new gas upwardly raised beads is not worse than did hydrogen.
In 1931 godu Neil Taylatsanam was released first modern latex balloon (latex polymer prepared from aqueous dispersions of rubber). And since then, the balloons were finally able to change! Prior to that, they can only be round - but with the advent of latex for the first time have the opportunity to create a long, narrow balls. This innovation immediately found application: designers, designed the holidays, began to create compositions of the balls in the form of dogs, giraffes, planes, hats. Company Nail Taylatsana flourished, she sold through nearly a million sets of balls, designed to create funny figures
Play media
course, the quality of balloons at the time was far from being the same as now. When inflated balls lost some of its brightness they were unstable and quickly burst. Therefore, the balloons slowly lost their popularity - that they can fly in the air, in the twentieth century, no longer seemed so beautiful and attractive
Therefore, long before the end of the 20th century balloons became only be bought up for urban and children's parties.. Their production has ceased to bring good profit - and as a result, many manufacturers of the time redirected the work of their companies on the issue of contraceptives (which are also made from latex)
Classic latex balloons -. Balloons latex
SHDM. (balls for modeling) - long balls, sausages, of which twisted various figures (produced as latex)
balloons with two or more tails (used to produce complex three-dimensional structures)
balls for packaging -.. it transparent or n translucent balloons with a wide neck, in which with the help of a special device placed items that require packaging.
Milaravyya (foil) balloons.
Walking foil figures appear in the form of volumetric figure, filled with helium. In the lower part of the sinker is attached, which does not allow her to fly. Figure swaying from light draft, it seems that the figure of "is".
Balls-samadimy (able to inflate themselves by means of a chemical reaction)
Most balloons have the shape of an ellipsoid of revolution. Other common forms are the shape of the heart, particularly popular for Valentine's Day, rabbit, horse, flowers and a long ellipsoid, colloquially called "sausage", which can be shaped dogs, rings and other complex shapes.
Despite the diversity forms, balloons still called balls, although their form does not always have a spherical shape.
If the ball is filled with liquid, it will fall and "explode". Widely used in hooliganism, little damage possible
Depending on the density of the gas contained inside the bulb, when released, can:.
fall if it is filled with air, carbon dioxide, argon
. "float" - see. . Archimedes law
fly if it is filled with: hydrogen, helium, neon, nitrogen, methane. However, neon for these purposes too expensive, nitrogen creates a very small lift, while the rest are either toxic or flammable to. According to modern safety standards in most countries only use helium or helium-air mixture, because helium is non-toxic, it has no color, odor or taste.
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