Lower Castle, Polotsk

The lower, or Streletsky Castle - a former castle in Polotsk

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Description <. br> represents earthen embankment (called "shaft Ivan Terrible") length of 600 m, 10 m high, a base width of 30 m, chopped surrounded by a wall perimeter. The area of the castle -. About 6 hectares history
Lower Castle was built by order of the Russian Tsar Ivan IV after the capture of Polotsk its troops in 1563 the course of the Livonian War. Mounds Polochans for two years under the leadership of the governor and boyar Shuisky Zaitsev and Shchekino. Lower Castle on the plans of the XVI century. had 8 towers in the center of the castle was a tower-type dungeon. In the XVII century. towers and walls made of logs were replaced by a simple fence.
Castle had little defensive value, as it was built without consideration of fortification laws, without regard to the active development of military equipment in the XVI-XVII century., it lived archers Russian garrison under the command of the princes Shuisky brothers and Silver (because the castle is also called the Musketeers District).
Panorama Polotsk Lower castle shaft 1914.
protective function Lower castle loses at the beginning of the XVIII century. and since then it has become the residence of the marginal part of Polotsk population [1]. This

Wooden buildings of the castle did not survive. Shaft lock remained partially - within 400 m, the center passage of the later period. Its shape, green areas it is quite organically fits into the landscape of the city. In the 1960s in the inner slopes of the shafts have been fitted under the bleachers "Spartak" stadium, which was located on the territory of the castle
↑ THEIR Polotsk - XVIII BB:.. The emergence, formation and development (according to archaeological and written source)
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list of objects of state of the Republic of Belarus of historical and cultural values, code 213G000637
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