Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania (German: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.) - the land of Germany. Capital -. Schwerin
Thanks to geographical factors and characteristics of the historical development of this federal state with a population of about two million people is the least populated of all the federal states of modern Germany

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a long time, these lands were inhabited by Slavic tribes, whose transition to new forms of agriculture approximately coincided with the beginning of expansion the population of the western regions of the East, nat claim to the East, which began with the crusade, uznachalvavsya Henry the Lion against the pagan population, which consisted of a number of tribes, called the common word Venda.
Schwerin Castle
and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
with lowlands Mecklenburg paazer 'ie, on the Baltic sea island of Rügen, Gidenze, part Uzedama and others. The climate is temperate, warm, significantly influenced by sea air masses. short river. Many lakes, the largest Myuryts (117 km²). Most of the area is occupied by pine and beech forests.
The federal land cultivated cereals, oilseed rape and potatoes. Fishing generates income. Developing enterprises of the construction industry, food industry, wood processing
Debt:. 6170 ˆ per capita (2002) Total debt: ˆ 10.8 billion (2002) Transport

well-developed network of roads and railways. The main shopping and fishing port - Rostock, ferry port Sassnitz (communications with Sweden)
Some cities
City Anklam
City Schwan
Bergen auf Rügen
River Tcarnaev
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Мекленбург-Пярэдняя Памеранія

Выпадковыя Артыкула

Летні сад

Летні сад

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Хутар Высокія

Хутар Высокія

Высо́кія[1] (трансліт.: Vysokija, руск.: Высокие) — хутар у Воранаўскім раёне Гродзенскай вобла...
Канстытуцыя Венгрыі

Канстытуцыя Венгрыі

Канстытуцыя Венгрыі (венг.: A Magyar Köztársaság alkotmánya) — асноўны закон Венгрыі, прыняты 1...
Дзень святой Люсіі

Дзень святой Люсіі

Дзень святой Люсіі — свята, якое адзначаецца 13 снежня ў каталіцкіх і пратэстанцкіх краінах Гісторы...