Luxembourg gardens

Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) - the palace and park ensemble in the heart of Paris, a well-known landmark of the city. Former royal, and now the state palace park in Paris' Latin Quarter, an area of 26 hectares. The park is the Luxembourg Palace, where sits the Senate, the second chamber of the French parliament.
Luxembourg Gardens to the north by the eponymous palace and «Small Palace» (Petit Palais), which is the official residence of the President of the Senate, the greenhouse and the Luxembourg Museum ( Musée du Luxembourg), and from the east - Paris higher national school of mining (École des Mines). The garden can be divided into two parts around the palace are divided in the XVII century. strictly geometrical order and in a classic French style flowerbeds and terraces, emerged later park in the English style in the eastern and south-eastern part.
Garden was laid out in 1611 or 1612. commissioned by the Italian Maria de Medici, widow of King Henry IV of, around the country castle, built in the time far beyond the city. The prototype of the castle served as the Pitti Palace in Florence, which has grown Marie de Medici. Despite the fact that in the XIX century. the south wing of the palace and the garden adjoining undergone significant changes, Luxembourg Palace, has retained its light Italian flair, which further emphasize the grown potted palms.
Statue of Liberty in the Luxembourg Gardens
The original garden provided large areas of forest plantations, flower flower beds and ponds to supply water which in 1613-1624 gg. the aqueduct was built. And even a horseshoe-shaped ramp with high terraces on the garden side, which skirted a central fountain, exist in this form in the early XVII century. Marble statues, including a monument to Queen Marie de Medici, appeared only in the XIX century. The park has a large number of statues and works of art, among which is one of the four Parisian Statue of Liberty Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi about 2 m high.
In 1617 the garden area has been increased by a portion of the land Carthusian monastery, on the orders of Louis XIV, grandson of Maria de 'Medici, a horseshoe-shaped ramp added the enormous opportunities Avenue de lAbservatuar leading through paved here in Paris to the zero meridian of the Paris Observatory. Already in the XVII century. Park was very popular. In the XVIII century. Luxembourg Garden became a favorite walking place of writers: go here and Rousseau and Diderot
In subsequent years, the garden area has experienced many changes. In 1782 by its owner, olive Earl, brother of Louis XVI and the future King Louis XVIII entered six hectares garden to carry out restoration of the palace. During the revolution, after the secularization of the Carthusian monastery area Jardin du Luxembourg grew to its current size. In 1865, under Napoleon III was cut laid rue Auguste Comte (rue Auguste Comte) and houses in the eastern and southern. These works are affected, including a particularly favorite Guy de Maupassant arboretum (Pépinière) and a botanical garden. Protests of citizens and the five petitions, one of which collected a record for that time, 12,000 signatures were not successful.
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