Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl"

Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl" - created by 31 December 1986 in accordance g.Zaslavl BSSR Council of Ministers on the basis of Zaslavsky historical and archaeological reserve (established in 1967). Museum-Reserve led T. Gorski, A. M. sausages TS Skripchenko, AN Krasnov, AK Cancer, AL Stroganov, AP Horyak. Since 2005, the director NN Pogranovsky.
It is a complex system historically, thematically and functionally connected together objects and protected areas. Protected zone area of 113 hectares includes Zaslavsky Castle (stronghold "Val") with the former Calvinist 2nd half of the 16th - early 17th century. (In the 19th - early 20th century and Transfiguration Church in 1990.), Settlement "Zamechak" (Chronicle Izjaslav) 10-11, 10 burial mounds -. 11, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1774), residues. manor Zaslav 17-19 centuries. Within the reserve there are a museum and exhibition center, ethnographic complex "Mill" Museum "WCT" and the Children's Museum of mythology and forests
Museum (2008) The main fund numbers 11 976 items, scientific sub -. 4561 unit. The exposition area 503 m² exhibition hall -. 131 m²
museum funds comprise a collection of archaeological finds from the excavations in the city and its environs (1967-86 gg.), Weaving, ceramics, glass, arts and crafts. Among the most interesting exhibits collection of cartoon carpet, which has 130 units, 30 of them made Ya.Drozdovicha. The collection of paintings and graphics stored collection of works of art Markovtsev V., V. Staschenyuk, G. Vashchenko and others.
Museum and Exhibition Center opened to the public in 1992 in the hall of tapestries are works of Belarusian artists Vladimir Dyomkin and Y. Piskun "Rogneda", "Polotsk bells" (both 1991), "Prayer" (1992). The theme of the history of the Principality of Polotsk and Zaslaul transmitted through the images and Rogneda Izyaslav. Hall "Music gatherings" introduces the musical culture of the Belarusian villages and towns. Exhibited musical instruments, collected from all over the country and merged into wedding band: accordion, dulcimer, violin, flute, drums. In the exhibition hall for temporary exhibitions exchange of funds museums and private art studios of Belarus.
Museum "WCT»
With military fortifications along the western border of the USSR in the prewar period (1932-34 gg.) Interested Museum "WCT" Zaslaul in the neighborhood (2004). Trohambrazurnaya firing point was armed with 3 heavy machine guns "Maxim" on special machines with a central cooling system and one RPD machine gun system
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Monuments and territories
Zaslavsky castle (stronghold "Val") with the former Calvinist · mound "Zamechak" ( Izyaslav chronicle) · burial mounds · St. Mary's Church · The remains of the manor Zaslav
Museum and Exhibition Complex · Ethnographic Complex "Mill" · Museum "WCT" · Children's Museum of mythology and forests

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