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Coat of Arms (Polish: herb from him:.. Erbe - inherited) - an emblem, a special character, consisting of figures that symbolize the emblem of the owner (person, family, corporation, city, country, etc.) and usually is inherited .

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Coats of arms usually consist of the following elements: graters, Gelm, ochipok, crown, kleynotah, Warriors (shchytatrymalniki - images of people, allegorical creatures and heraldic animals stand on their hind legs), the mantle and the motto .
coat of arms close to the modern form emerged in Syaredyavechchy in Western Europe, in England and France. The first is considered the emblem of the grater with six gold lions in a blue field. According to the version that is now disputed, Geoffrey V of Anjou received it in 1127 (or 1128) from his wife's father, King Henry I of England on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter Matilda, widow of Emperor Henry V [1].
Distribution of coats of arms associated with the development military technology, especially with the advent of a helmet that covered the soldiers face. Emblem nanasivsya bright colors on the shields. Together with kleynotah performed an important task of identification.
Emblems can be systematized in the Armorial of affiliation, rank, view of the legal status styles. Studying heraldry (coats of arms), applied science of history heraldry.
Ordinary emblems
Gentry emblems
philistine emblems
peasant coats of arms (Switzerland, Germany)
Coat princely
surname coat of arms of Count napaleonskaga
noble emblem
modern arms of the English baronet
German noble coat of arms emblem
Japanese family emblem
Emblems of ranks
large emblem - with all
elements emblem average -.. the basic elements of the coat of arms
small -. only shield or a shield with a crown emblem
emblem average
coat big coat
socialists chnay Romanian state
Territorial emblems
state emblems
emblems territories (provinces, regions, districts, counties, provinces, provinces, etc.)
arms of cities
emblems villages
corporate emblems orders
emblems clubs
emblems schools
emblems shops
emblems organizations
emblems troops
coats of arms firms and corporations
Blazon Coat
student corporation
Coat British Heraldry Society
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