The Island (Island) - an area of land which is surrounded by the waters of the ocean, sea, lake or river. From the mainland has a relatively small size. There are single islands and groups - archipelagos. It occupies about 9.9 million square kilometers (6.6%) of sushi. In the oceans and seas are divided into mainland that separated from continents but genetically associated with them (Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo, Madagascar et al.), The transition zone from continent to the ocean (volcanic, grazevulkanichnyya coral) and ocean, preferably volcanic Islands (Hawaiian Islands, Iceland), or coral (Marshall; Atoll cm.). The largest island (area of 400 thousand km.): Greenland, New Guinea, Madagascar, Borneo, Baffin Island, Sumatra. Among the islands of rivers and lakes are distinguished accumulative and erosive. In Belarus, the total area of 53 square kilometers of islands. More than 300 river, lake about 200, the largest monastic (about 5 square kilometers) on Osveysky lake.

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Lakers island on Lake Strusto
Volcanic Island Strombali
Coral Island
artificial island
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