Château de Vincennes

Coordinates: 48 ° 5034 's. w. 2 ° 2609 "to. d. / 48.842778 ° c. w. 2.435833 ° c. . D (G) (O) (I) 48.842778, 2.435833
Vincennes Castle Vincennes Castle (French:. Château de Vincennes) was built for the kings of France in the XIV-XVII centuries in the Bois de Vincennes, in the place of the hunter the estate of the XII century. Around the castle there was a town of Vincennes, in our days - a suburb of Paris history
around 1150 on the site of the castle hunting lodge was built for Louis VII.. In the XIII century the estate was enlarged by Philip Augustus and Saint Louis (Louis Vincennes is a castle went to the fateful for himself crusade to Tunisia). In XIV century Vincennes seals married King Philip III and IV and Philip Louis born X, Philip Charles V Long and IV.
In XIV century, when Felipe VI, locking has been substantially expanded and acquired the keep-tower height of 52 meters, where the royal apartments and the library were built. Around 1410 already under Charles VI of, was completed on the perimeter of the exterior walls. During the French Wars of Religion of the XVI century the castle became a prison, including - for the future King Henry IV of
Chapel and closed courtyard designed by Louis Le Vau
In the XVII century architect Louis Le Vau built by order of Louis XIV, the two pavilions -. One He intended for the queen-widow, the other - for Cardinal Mazarin. However, after the king's attention distracted by a new project - Versailles - work on the improvement of new homesteads were abandoned. The builders again came to Vincennes only in 1860 under the supervision of a restorer Viali-le-Duc.
In the XVIII century, King left the castle forever. It housed Vincennes porcelain factory (1740) and again prison. In Vincennes sat John Vanbrugh, Nicolas Fouquet, Marquis de Sade, Diderot, and Mirabeau. In 1804 in the moat of the fortress were executed kidnapped Duke Engienskaga. In XX century, the castle had been punished by the French - Mata Hari in 1917 and the Germans - 30 civilians hostage in 1944
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