Tower [1] transliteration: Bašni, Russian Towers - agro Shumilino in Vitebsk region, on the shores of Lake Budavests is a member of the village council Svetlaselskaga

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village Towers comes from joining two villages Budavests and Towers There is next version of the origin of the name of the Tower before the revolution there lived a pan A log Konstantin Dmitrievich, who was engaged in floriculture on both sides of the road leading from the bridge to the village, it was dense lilac bushes planted in the beginning of the village, on a hill Russian stood tallest tower - the tower with the tower rangers watched the manor forest, hence the name of the village - Tower
the revolution mansion was destroyed by the landowner, Mr. died, and his daughter left the landlords' land was handed over to the peasants in
one thousand nine hundred thirty-one village Budavests and towers were combined in a collective farm Budyonny first chairman of the village Tower became Vasily Novikov, who was killed at Stalingrad during the Great Patriotic war in Budavestsi - Bulanchykav Konstantin Farmers have begun to develop their lives for the collectivization of the village Nalich ala 40 yards Like all the villages, and this is not the last war Sent women their husbands and sons to the front, many went to the guerrillas visited and Germans, but fortunately the Nazis are not particularly rampant here in this village, and the village did not repeat the fate of Khatyn Although during the war, burned down five houses
in 1944 the area was available, and all come for the restoration of the native collective farm village beginning built already in 1957, the small farms have merged into one, which was called the farm to them
Engels in 2004 village Towers transferred from the defunct Yazvinskogo of village council in Svetlaselski Village Council [2]
30,122,005 g - opening of the first in the area of agro-town Tower [3]

↑ names of settlements of the Republic of Belarus Vitebsk oblast: normative reference / VM Cenkin, IL Kopylov VP Lemtyugova; ed VP Lemtyugovoy - M .: Technology, 2009 - 668 with ISBN 978-985-458-192-7 DJVU also found a variant Tower
↑ decision Vitebsk oblast Council of Deputies of April 8, 2004, ¹ 55 To change the administrative-territorial Vitebsk districts device area
↑ Local History course "Our Shumilino" Shumilinaznavstva - Vitebsk: the Vitebsk Printing House, 2010 - 125 with ISBN 978-985-534-018-9
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