Bayern Munich (German:. Bayern) - the federal state in the south and south-east of the Federal Republic of Germany, is the largest area of land as a part of Germany. Capital - Munich (German: Munchen.). The basis of the population of the three peoples -. Bavarians, Franks and Swabians

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Almost the entire territory of Bavaria is located on the Alpine Foreland and the Franconian Jura. In the east, the low mountains of the Czech and Bavarian Forest, Sound; in the South Tyrolean Alps foothills (of Tsugshpitse, 2963 m). More than 30% of the area under forest. A dense network of rivers (Danube and its tributaries, Maine) in the south of many lakes. The climate is temperate. The average July temperature of 17 ° C, January is about 2 ° C, 935 mm of precipitation per year. Small deposits of iron ore, brown coal, salt, graphite, oil. On the territory of the federal land located Nizhnebavarski spa triangle.
Bavarian duchy in the center of Regensburg came in the 6th. (Formed by Germanic tribe Bayern). Typically it Agilalfingav dynasty. 3591 duchy dependent on the Frankish state, with 788 of the Carolingian Empire. The 903-937 is restored in 938-947 attached to the "Holy Roman Empire". The 976 detached from Bavaria Carinthia, in one thousand one hundred fifty-six - East Mark (Austria), in 1180 - Styria. March 1180 called Duchy of Bavaria Wittelsbach. In 1255 it was divided into the lower and upper (Rhine county Pfalz attached in 1214) Bavaria. When Ludwig Bavarian (with 1314 herms. King Ludwig IV) holds Bavaria steel Brandenburg, Tyrol, Netherlands. After a period of fragmentation duchy merged again in 1505. In the 16th century. It was the center of the Counter-Reformation in Germany. 3 one thousand six hundred twenty-three Bavaria - Electorate. Her first Elector Maximilian I joined in 1628 to the Bavarian Upper Palatinate. With the death of Maximilian II Joseph (1777), the Bavarian line of the Wittelsbach stopped and ruled in Bavaria Palatinate Electors. 3 1806 Bavaria - karalevstvai. Between 1803 and 1815 thanks to an alliance with Napoleonic France, ter. Bayern greatly increased. March 1815 she was a member of. Hermas. Union with one thousand eight hundred thirty-four in Germ. customs union. In 1818 Bavaria won the constitution. When Ludwig I (1825-48) cultural and scientific center of Bayern Munich began. Liberal and social reforms in the kingdom contributed Maximilian II (1848-64). During Austra-Prussian War of 1866 Bavaria on the side of Austria, from 1871 as part of the German Empire. In November 1918, Ludwig III Vitelsbah abdicated. March 1919 Bavaria - "free state" as part of the Weimar Republic. In April 1919 we announced in Munich left the Bavarian Soviet Republic, which in May liquidated by government forces. In 1920 Bavaria -. Center right German opposition to the Weimar Republic, the Nazis
imperial governor of Bavaria, became in 1933 the gene. Background EP. After the 2nd World War, occupied by US troops, who have built the ground (without the Palatinate).
In 1949 Landtag of Bavaria approved the creation of Germany with Bayern in its composition.
Bavaria has the largest economic and scientific potential among the 16 German federal states and in the lead in terms of economic growth (for 1985-2005, the GDP of Bavaria increased by 28.2%, while the national average - by 14,6%)
in 2005 GDP amounted to Bavaria. . 403 billion euro (18% of the whole of Germany), of which about 69% comes from the sphere of trade and services, 30% - in the industry and only 1% -. In the agricultural sector
About 50% of the electricity offer HPP. There is a nuclear power plant.
most important role in the economy of Bavaria plays machinery, in particular, the automotive and aerospace industry. Developed as electrical engineering, precision mechanics, optics, medical equipment manufacturing, chemical industry.
grown cereals, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, vegetables, grapes. Livestock.
dense network of railways (nearly all electrified) and motorways. Navigation on the Danube and the Main.
Resorts. Tourism.
In 2006 Bavaria became the first in the last 30 years, the federal states of Germany, which adopted a balanced budget.
Regional centers
Regional centers
Floor city
Amberg (AM)
Ansbach (AN)
Aschaffenburg (AB)
Augsburg (A)
Bamberg (BA)
Bayreuth (BT)
Coburg (CO)
Erlangen (ER)
Fürth (FU)
Hof (HO)
Ingolshtat (IN)
Kavfbayren (KF)
Kempten (KE)
Landshut (LA)
Memingen (MM)
Munich (M)
Nuremberg (N)
Passau (PA)
Regensburg (R)
Rosenheim (RO)
Schwabach (SC)
Schweinfurt (SW)
Shtravbing (SR)
Weiden (WEN)
Würzburg (WÜ)
Famous personalities
Herr Man Wilhelm Goering
Johann Regiyamantan
Johann Wolfgang Doberayner
Eberhard - Duke of Bavaria
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
See. also
Bavarian district
Lower Bavaria Upper Bavaria

supreme monarchist council
City Abensberg City
City Misbah
University of Passau
Areas Bavaria
Neighborhood Ayhshtet
Altsotyng Neighborhood
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In Bavaria adopted an ambitious energy program, 2008-05-13 - composition of energy
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