Detached house on the street of Mickiewicz, 26

Mansion - building in Brest, located at the intersection of Mickiewicz and Soviet, 26/13 Built in the 1st half of the XIX century monument of brick architecture with features of classicism My similar three-dimensional composition from the mansion down the street Mickiewicz, 22, together with the which determines the development of the street front
now mental hospital is located in a building
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The main facade has a symmetrical composition: the central part of the two-storey, 2 side - storey main facade is highlighted four-column portico with a pediment and a balcony entrance stairs, built to end internal layout changed
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edit source code of Monuments of History and Culture of Belarus, Brest region / Belorussian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore; Ed cal: S Martselev gal ed and insh- MN: Byelorussian Soviet Encyclopedia, 1984- 368 cm silt
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list of objects of state of the Republic of Belarus of historical and cultural values, code 112E000002
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Асабняк па вуліцы Міцкевіча, 26

Выпадковыя Артыкула



Брызе́нт (нідэрл.: presenning) — шчыльная льняная, паўільняная ці баваўняная тканіна, прапітана...


Mammuthus Brookes, 1828 Віды † Mammuthus africanavus (Arambourg, 1952) † Mammuthus armeniacu...


Зарудзеча — рака ў Глускім раёне Магілёўскай вобласці Беларусі, правы прыток ракі Пціч басейн Дняпра...
Янка Шутовіч

Янка Шутовіч

Янка (Іван Іосіфавіч) ШУТОВІЧ (24 студзеня 1904, в. Шутавічы, цяпер Смаргонскі раён Гродзенскай вобл...