Orbita (from the Latin:. Orbita - track, road, road) - trajectory of the motion of a particle in a given forward spatial coordinate system for a given in these coordinates field configuration of forces that act on it
in celestial mechanics is the trajectory of a celestial body in. the gravitational field of the other body having a substantially larger mass (planets, comets, asteroid star field). In a rectangular coordinate system whose origin coincides with the center of mass, the trajectory may have the shape of a conic section (circle, ellipse, parabola or hyperbola). [1] Moreover, its focus coincides with the center of mass of the system.
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Low carrier
orbit Synchronous orbit geostationary orbit

Orbit Sun-synchronous polar orbit orbit

graveyard orbit

Notes ↑ I. Bronstein N. Semendyaev KA Mathematical Handbook. M: Publishing house "Science" Editorial Reference physicomathematical literatury.1964

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