Alexander III (Russian Emperor)

Alexander III Alexandrovich Alexander peacekeepers, 26 February 10 March 1845, Tsarskoye Selo - October 20 November 1, 1894, the Livadia palace, Crimea - the penultimate emperor of the Russian Empire from 1 March 13, 1881 to October 20, November 1, 1894, the son of Emperor Alexander II and Maria Alexandrovna, at the birth of Maria Sophia Frederica Dagmar
Initially, Prince, had an older brother Alexander - Nicholas, so it is his education and training has been given special importance after the death of Nicholas of tuberculous meningitis while traveling in Italy , Tsesarevichem Alexander was declared in 1866, married the Danish Princess Dagmar, Maria, who was previously the bride Nicholas
Soon after the wedding, Alexander, according to the status of an heir, began to take up the activities of the state to participate in the meetings of the State Council and the Committee of Ministers His first post - the chairman of the Special Committee for the collection and distribution of aid to the starving - related famine that occurred during 1868 in several provinces due to crop failure
After the murder of his father 1 March 13, 1881 took office imper containers 14 are March 26 appointed regent Vladimir Alexandrovich on the case when he becomes a victim of terrorism, and he drove in Gatchina Gatchina The king remained inseparable for two years and was crowned
only in 1883. At the beginning of the reign of Alexander Manifesto on Unshakable Autocracy has been published , which was prepared by KP Pobedonostsev and Katkov MN It reflects the views of the new Emperor Alexander III: heralded a departure from the previous liberal policy and further reform, announced a "faith in the power and truth of autocratic power", yak the emperor would "assert and protect against all her pretensions" manifesto called "all loyal subjects to serve faithfully to eradicate vile sedition, which defames the Russian land, - a statement of faith and morals - to the good education of children - to destroy falsehood and theft - until the settlement of the order, and truth in the action of all institutions "Shortly after the publication of the manifesto of the liberal-minded ministers Loris-Melikov, Milutin, Konstantin had to submit to
resignation was soon accepted as p the generation of the measures to preserve public order and public peace and carrying out of certain areas in the state of enhanced protection of the Emperor paid political police law in 10 provinces of the Russian Empire to act according to the situation, without being subject to administration and courts authorities with the introduction of this legislation in some areas could not Court expel undesirable persons, to close schools, agencies and printing business enterprises actually installed a state of emergency in Russia which lasted, despite the temporary nature of this law, until 1917
main directions of foreign policy of Alexander III were as follows:
strengthening of influence in the Balkans;
find reliable allies;
support peaceful relations with all countries;
demarcation in the south of Central Asia;
securing Russia in the new territories of the Far East
A well-known phrase of Alexander II: Russia has only two allies - its army and navy! And if the Russian emperor fishes, Europe can wait
appearance, character, habits and mentality by Alexander III bore little resemblance to his father, the Emperor is a tremendous growth in his youth he had exceptional strength - fingers bent coins and broke a horseshoe, over the years has become such fat and cumbersome court etiquette and ceremony at Alexander became much easier He greatly reduce the staff of the Ministry of the court, reduced the number of servants, and introduced strict control over spending money Dear foreign wines were replaced by the Crimean and Cove azskimi, and the number of points is limited to four per year, however, a lot of money spent on the purchase of works of art
Emperor passionately fond of hunting and fishing in the summer often the royal family left for the Finnish archipelago where, in the beautiful semi-wild nature, in the maze of numerous islands and channels, liberated from court etiquette, the royal family feel normal and happy family, devoting most of his time taking long walks, fishing and boating are favorite place of the emperor was hunting Bialowieza forest Sometimes instead of the imperial family holiday in the archipelago leaving for Poland in Lovicheskae principality, and there were hunting
Alexander died quite young, before the age of 50 years, unexpectedly and for loved ones, and for citizens in October 1888 Royal Train, moving from the south, was wrecked at the station Borki, 50 km from Kharkiv in this moment the royal family was in the restaurant car crash collapsed car roof But Alexander incredible effort kept her on his shoulders and kept up until the wife and children do not pakinulya train
But soon the emperor started strong pain and kidney disease has developed the winter of 1894, he caught a cold, and doctors discovered he had nephritis They insisted on the immediate departure of the Emperor in the Crimea, but it was too late, and on October 20, November 1, 1894 in 1415 Alexander II died was buried in St. Petersburg, the Peter and Paul Cathedral
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Аляксандр III (імператар расійскі)

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