Alexander V. Vampilav

August 19, 1937 (1937-08-19)
mountains. Bird cherry, Irkutsk region, Russia
Date of Death:
17 August 1972 (17.08.1972) (34)
Place of death:
Lake. Baikal, Irkutsk region, Russia
socialist realism
drama, comedy
works Language: Russian

story "Escaped circumstances»
Irkutsk Komsomol Prize winner
Alexander Vampilav (1937 Cheremuhovo mountains, Irkutsk region, Russia -. 1972 Lake Baikal, Irkutsk region, Russia.) - Russian playwright

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He was born August 19, 1937 in Cheremuhovo Irkutsk region (Russia) into a family of teachers. Father of the future dramatist was arrested and executed in 1938. Mother raised four children and worked as a teacher of mathematics in high school. That mother had the prevailing influence on the formation of personality A.Vampilov.
After high school he entered the historical-philological faculty of Irkutsk University. Another fifth-year student became the literary staff of the regional newspaper "Soviet youth." The newspaper worked - and then as head of the department, and the executive secretary -.
until 1964. After the end of the paper A. Vampilav fully devotes himself to writing. Soon Irkutsk go two collective collection of his stories.
attempts to interest Moscow theaters staging his first big play, the comedy "Farewell in June" failed. [1]
breakthrough Vampilov the Soviet theater stage was the production of " farewell in June "in 1966, Klaipeda drama theater (main director Povilas Gajdis). Carried out this statement the Belarusian director Vadim Dapkiunas. In the same year A. Vampilav was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers
success Klaipeda statement opened the door for the creation of Soviet theaters A.Vampilov:. In 1970, the play "Farewell in June" was already in 8 theaters in the country, but, unfortunately, it is not yet in the capital's theaters.
Only in 1972 the ratio of the central theater of the USSR to the environment plays Vampilov begins to change gradually. His plays were staged in Moscow Theater of Stanislavsky and Yermolova, Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater
And it is on the life and creative takeoff A.Vampilov suffered a premature death - two days before his 35th birthday, he was tragically killed on the shore of Lake Baikal.: the boat in which he was with a friend, turned, Alexander swam to shore, but his heart did not endure long in the icy water.
real professional and public recognition of talented works A.Vampilov received only after his tragic death. We began to publish his book, began shooting films on his works. Only one piece "elder son" in his time at the same time was in 44 theaters in the Soviet Union [1].
Irkutsk region opened the house-museum of the playwright. His name was given to the Irkutsk Theater for Young People, library, boat. still a student, was published in the newspaper "- since 1997 in Irkutsk held All-Russian festival of modern drama of Alexander Vampilov [2]
Monument A.Vampilov Irkutsk
first story -." Coincidence " Irkutsk university "(1958). This story gave the name of the first book of humorous stories and scenes A.Vampilov (1961)
first theatrical form in the works A.Vampilov steel one-act plays:. "Twenty Minutes with an Angel" (1962) and "House of the windows in the field" . comedy "Farewell in June" - (1963)
first big play A.Vampilov written in 1964. To work on its playwright turned repeatedly:. Four variants known plays
Then out of the playwright's pen out today is widely known works: the comedy "The Elder Son" (1965), the play "Duck Hunt" (1968) drama "last year summer Chulimsk" (1971). One-act play "The story of the maker" with the former works of the playwright "Twenty Minutes with an Angel" has formed the play "Provincial jokes".

translations of works by Alexander Vampilov translated into English, Bulgarian, Belarusian [3] , Chinese, Latvian, Lezgin, madyarskuyu, Moldovan, Mongolian, Norwegian, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, French, Czech, Estonian and other languages.
dramatic works
one thousand nine hundred sixty-three "House windows in the field"
one thousand nine hundred sixty-four "Farewell in June»
1965 "The eldest son»
1968 "misconduct yyalnyya jokes "
one thousand nine hundred sixty-eight" Duck hunting "
one thousand nine hundred seventy-one" Last year summer Chulimsk "

Filmography 1975" Last year summer Chulimsk "(teleplay)
+1976« eldest son »
1979 "The story of the maker»
1979 "Holidays in September" (based on the play "duck hunting")
one thousand nine hundred eighty-one "Valentina" (based on the play "last year summer Chulimsk")
one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine "Twenty minutes with an angel»
1990 "Provincial anecdote»
2003 "Farewell in June»
Alexander V. Vampilov. Bibliographic Index // Compilers Elizarova E. - Irkutsk: Uprpoligrafizdat, 1989. - 240 p
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