Alonso de Ahed

explorer, conquistador
1466 (1466)
City of Cuenca, Spain

Spain Date of death:
1515 (1515 )
place of death:
City Santo Domingo
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Alonso de Ahed (Spanish:.. Alonso de Ojeda; 1466 - 1515 years) - Spanish explorer, satellite H. Columbus , founder of the first European settlement in South America.
Alonso de Ahed was born into a noble Spanish family. Participated in Rekankistse, he made the description of the siege of Granada. In 1493 at the head of one of the ships I went along with Columbus to the New World. During the expedition found gold in Haiti. During the suppression of the uprising led by the Taino of the Spanish armed forces, captured the leader of the uprising Kaanaba
captured in 1499 -. 1500.. Alonso de Ahed stood at the head of a new expedition organized through the mediation of the Catholic Church without the permission of H. Columbus. It was also attended by Amerigo Vespucci and Juan de la Cosa. Expedition route different from previous voyages. Alonso de Ahed passed along the coast of Africa to Cape Verde, and then turned the ships to the West. As a result, the expedition had explored the coast of Guiana and Venezuela, opened the island of Aruba and Curacao, and Maracaibo Lake. Members of the expedition were the first Europeans to set foot on the land of mainland South America. However, from an economic point of view, the voyage was unprofitable. To cover the costs Spaniards captured in the Bahamas as slaves Indians Luka. After returning to Spain, Alonso de Ahed played in Sveta investigated the activities of H. Columbus.
In 1501 the traveler was appointed royal governor of the authorities open their Venezuelan lands. This allowed Alonso to gain financial support from traders and Andalusia to organize the second independent expedition to 4 ships. It started in January 1502 In May 1502 the ships reached the territory of present-day Colombia, which was founded first on the South American mainland European colony of Santa Cruz. However, a sharp conflict arose between Alonso and the members of the expedition. He was arrested and taken to Santo Domingo. A few months later because of clashes with the Indians, the colonists left Santa Cruz.
Despite the failure of the second expedition, in 1508 the king appointed Alonso governor of Nueva Andalucia. In November 1509 a fleet of 4 ships and more than 300 sailors and conquistadors, among whom were Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro, the head of Ahed stopped off the coast of present-day Colombia. According to the requirements Ahed, the first missionaries came into contact with the local Indians. They read a specially trained call that had primiryts indigenous population with the colonists. However, the Indians, conquistadors and disturb the peace. In response to the destruction of entire villages by the conquistadors, Indians prepared an ambush against detachment Alonso de Ahed and killed most of his soldiers. Unexpected support from Diego de Nikuesy allowed the governor of Nueva Andalucia regain your strength and move along the coast. In 1510, he founded the fortress and the settlement of San Sebastian. Lack of food and forced Alonso to leave the wound in San Sebastian a small group led by F. Pizarro and return for help in Santo Domingo. However, its fleet has suffered during the hurricane, it got into the hands of pirates, and to top it sank in the coast of Cuba. Ahed led a campaign of survivors to the nearest village, was eventually rescued and returned to Jamaica via Santo Domingo.
During the ill-fated return from Nueva Andalucia to Haiti Alonso de Ahed made a vow to spend the rest of his life to God, so resigned the governor and lived recent years in the monastery of Santo Domingo. Bartholomew de Las Casas wrote that he died in poverty and wished to be buried at the entrance to the monastery, to passers-by stepped on his grave in training for his sins.
name of Alonso de Ahed called the Venezuelan city of Ciudad Ahed The Lake Maracaibo. In Venezuela also operates University Alonso de Ahed.
Alonso de Ojeda
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Алонса дэ Ахеда

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