Harbin protection

February 25 - February 4, 1932 Place

Harbin, Manchuria
Result Japanese victory

Republic of China:
Army defense Jilin
Japanese Empire
Kwantung army Commanders

Ding Chao
Tamon Dir
forces party

Sino-Japanese war 1937-1945
Background conflict
Mukden Manchuria 1931-1932 Nenjiang, Heilongjiang Harbin Jinzhou Shanghai 1932 Manchukuo, Rehe Wall Inner Mongolia Suyuan
first stage July 1937 - October 1938
Bridge Lugavtsyaa Beijing - Yanjing Chahar Shanghai 1937 Composition Syhan railway Beiping-Hankou Railway Tianjin-Pukou Tayuan Pinsinguan Sinkou · · · Nanjing Xuzhou tai'erzhuang district Mon-UHenan Lanfen Amoy Chongqing Wuhan Vantszyalin Canton
second phase in October 1938 - December 1941
Hainan - Nanchang - River Syushuy - Suysyan and Tszapyan - Shantou - Changsha 1939 - South Guangxi - Kunlunskaya gorge - winter offensive - Wuyuan - Tszaayan and Yichang - Battle hundred regiments - Mon Vietnam - D Hubei - PdHenan - With Hubei 1941 - Shangal - South Shanxi - Changsha 1941
third phase in December 1941 - September 1945 time
Changsha and 1942 - Burma Road - Taung - Enangyaung - Zhejiang-Jiangxi - Salween - Chuntsynskaya Company - With Hubei 1943 - PnBirma-ZYunnan - Changde - "Ichi-Go" - TsHenan - Changsha 1944 - Guilin-Liuzhou - Henan, Hubei - ZHenan - ZHunan - Guangxi one thousand nine hundred forty-five
Soviet-Japanese war
protection of Harbin - a battle between the forces of the republic of China and the Empire of Japan, which took place during the Japanese invasion of Manchuria
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After the defeat at Tsytsykaram General MA ZHANSHAN stepped Hailong, from trying to manage Heilongjiang Province in negotiations with him entered the Japanese Colonel Kenji Daihara, hoping to achieve general acceptance and the contact with Zhang Xueliang puppet governments on Manchurian territory, in particular in Jilin, Jilin Province has been divided between the railway troops of the Kuomintang General Dean Chao and the pro-Japanese sentiment in parts of General Xi Thee Chzhanshan, popular person among the Chinese, not from yashavsya goes over to the enemy and to put pressure on him, in early January Kenji Doihara asked Xi Thee launch an attack on Harbin and Hailong Ding Chao reorganized his part in the "Army samoobrony Jilin" and urged residents of Harbin accede to the garrison, the 25th, Zhang Xueliang ordered Changshan stop negotiations Daihara was defeated in the negotiations, and the troops retreated C Thee after a brief battle with the army of self
to justify intervention in the conflict vnutrykitayski agents Daihary organized unrest in Harbin, in which four were killed Yapo nskih employees Japanese troops were busy on other fronts, only the 2nd Infantry Division of General Tamon hole after a long offensive came to rest in the Mukden 28, she started at 30 degrees below zero progress toward Harbin Until February 4th they have completed the city environment 17 -gadinnaya battle for the city was characterized by the retreat of poorly trained Chinese warriors under artillery fire and bombing from shaving Chao flight departed to the northeast, downstream Songhua
Daihara MA ZHANSHAN offered a million dollars in gold n creation of an army Manchu th, February 14, he agreed and was appointed governor of Heilongjiang 27th Ting Chao stop the resistance that stopped the conquest of Manchuria Defeated in 1911, Emperor Pu Yi was declared supreme ruler Manchu th, Chanshan in the addendum to the post governor became defense minister
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IC 1203

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Спіс аб’ектаў PGC (756001—757000)

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