Ivan VI

Ivan VI Antonovich (12 (23) August 1740 - 5 (16) July), 1764) - Emperor of Russia of the Romanov dynasty from October 1740 to November 1741, the great-grandson of Ivan V.
tsarstvavav Formally, the first year of his life under the regency of first Biron, and then his mother Anna Leopoldovna. Baby emperor was deposed Elizabeth, spent his entire life in prison, and was killed at the age of 23 when you try to release
Official sources lifetime referred to as John III, then there is the expense of being the first Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.; in late historians call it a tradition Ivan (John) VI, starting from Ivan I Kality.
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After the death of Empress Anna Ivanovna, the son of Anna Leopoldovna (niece Anna Ivanovna) and Prince Anton Ulrich of Brunswick-Brevern a two-Lyuneburgskaga Ivan Antonovich was declared emperor at regentstve Duke of Courland Biron.
he was born in the end of the reign of Anna Ivanovna so the question of whom to appoint a regent, etc. Ovgan tortured empress is dying. Anna Ivanovna wanted to leave the throne of his father, the descendants of Ivan V and very worried, as if he had not moved in the future to the descendants of Peter I. Therefore, in the will, she stipulated that the heir is John Antonovich, and in case of his death - the other children Anna Leopoldovna in order of seniority, if they are born.
two weeks later, after the accession of the baby in the country there was a revolution, which resulted in the guards, led by Field Marshal Munnich, Biron was arrested and removed him from power. mother of the emperor was announced as the new regent. Unable to govern the country and live in illusions Anna gradually transferred all his power Munnich, and after it took over Osterman, who sent Field Marshal retired. But a year later there was a new coup. Peter the Great's daughter Elizabeth with praabrazhentsami arrested Astermana, the emperor, his parents and all their courtiers.
first Elizabeth had intended to expel the "Brunswick family" of Russia (it was officially written in the manifesto that justified her right to posts), but changed her mind, fearing that abroad it will be dangerous and ordered to imprison former regent and her husband. In 1742 a secret for all the family was transferred to the outskirts of Riga - Dyunamyunde, then in 1744 in Oranienburg, and then, away from the border, to the north of the country - in Kholmogory, where little Ivan was completely isolated from parents . Long trips north have affected the health of Anna Leopoldovna:. In 1746 she died
Fear Elizabeth before possible new coup led to a new journey of Ivan. In 1756, he was transferred from Kholmogory in solitary confinement in Shlisselburg fortress. The fortress Ivan (officially known as "well-known prisoner") was in complete isolation, he was not allowed to see anyone, even the garrison soldiers. For all the time of the conclusion he did not see a single human face. However, the documents show that prisoner knew of his royal origin, was trained to read and write and dream of life in the monastery. In 1759, at the John began to see signs of inappropriate behavior. This was maintained with certainty and seeing Ivan VI in 1762 Catherine II; but the guards thought that this is only a simulation.
While Ivan was imprisoned, began many attempts to free the emperor deposed, and again enthrone. The last attempt to lead a young prisoner to death. In 1764, when it usually Catherine II, Lieutenant VY Mirovich, carrying guard duty in the Shlisselburg Fortress, won over the garrison to free Ivan.
However, the guards Ivan was given secret instructions to kill the prisoner, if it will try to release (even presenting a decree of Empress about it), so they stabbed Ivan and then surrendered in response to the Mirovich surrender. Mirovich was arrested and beheaded in St. Petersburg as a state criminal. There are unconfirmed version, according to which he provoked Catherine, to get rid of the former emperor. "The famous prisoner," buried as is commonly believed in the Shlisselburg Fortress; he is the only Russian emperors (if we found and reburied the remains of Nicholas II of this), whose place of burial is now thoroughly known
ancestry of Emperor Ivan VI Antonovich
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Іван VI

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