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Headless (album)

It is the album released by the group of Başıbozuk, Mor ve Ötesi on 24 November 2008. The album consists of 14 tracks.
Album cover; Although the chat program published on Kanal D is compared to Ozan Tügen in the King of Disco, it was announced that it was formed by merging group members' photos in various album promotions.
Song list
Winter Is Coming (Live)
Re (Live)
I Have A Trouble (Live)
Party - Flatliners Killa Remix
I'm Sorrowed - dEmian & amp; Emre Remix
Shame? - Kaan Düzarat & amp; Fuchs Rework
Little Darling - Kaan Düzarat Remix
Pulse - Burak Güven & amp; Serkan Hökenek Remix
Kids and Pets - DJ Kambo Remix
Deli - Luna Remix by Cihan Barış
Claim - Kerem Kabadayı & amp; Serkan Hökenek Remix
There is also a live performance of the song Serseri at the end of the album as a hidden song.
Former members
Deep Brunette · Alper Tekin
City (1996) · Let Zaman Aksın (1999) · Gül Kendine (2001) · Summer (2003) · The World is Lying (2004) · Big Dreams (2006) · Headless (2008) · Innocence Will Not Wasted (2010) · Waiting for the Sun (2012)
Singles and video clips
Solo Song · Blind in the Morning · Last Out · Never mind · I Can't Be Happy · Write Summer Summer · Cambaz · Love Flower · I Have A Trouble · In Love · Wake Up · Company · My Little Lover · Shame Not? · Crazy · Claim · Don't tire yourself · Purgatory · Loveliest Mistake · Ask · Bicycle · Black Box · Wreck-It · Waiting for the Sun
No Need for War
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Başıbozuk (albüm)

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