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Ahmed Official Efendi

Ahmed Resmî Efendi is an Ottoman statesman who made history in the negotiation and signature of the Küçük Kaynarca Agreement with a fateless duty like head of the Ottoman State delegation, but previously served in important positions in Vienna and Berlin. In addition to being a statesman, he is an important writer well known for his Embassy and his biographies on Ottoman governors and daughters. Turkey's first ambassador to Berlin. Reviews Embassy sneak particularly fragments containing the Berlin impression and itinerary before (in 1720) was sent to Paris, Turkey's first Ambassador to Paris carries similarities with Yirmisekiz Mehmet Çelebi's experience and complete two works each other. Both authors discover theater - "imaginations called comedy" - they find it difficult to adapt to an environment where women and men have fun together. Just like the people of Paris, Berliners watch Ahmed Efendi, who is the first Turk they have ever seen, watching a Oriental theater from the windows with the glamor of his pumpkin, caftan and entourage.
Ahmed Resmî Efendi was born in Rethymno in Crete in 1700. He came to Istanbul to complete his education, grew up with Mustafa Efendi, one of the ex-graduates, and later became his son-in-law. After completing his education, he entered the state service. He worked as a custodian and foreign affairs minister in Thessaloniki, Istanbul and Gallipoli, respectively. Sultan III. He was sent to Austria as an ambassador to inform Mustafa's throne (1757). Later he was tasked as a finance accountant and Anatolian accountant.
Prussian King II. Hearing the reforms that Frederik made in his country, the sultan was sent to Berlin as an ambassador to examine the risks that the rapprochement between Prussia and Russia will bring to the Ottoman State, and to provide assurances to the Polish people under the auspices of his way (1763). Thus, he became the first Berlin Ambassador of the Ottoman State. Ahmed Resmi Efendi, who did this duty with great care and attention, was appointed to the letter of fidelity when he returned to Istanbul. After that, Çavuşbaşı became the head of the Matbah and the shipyard and the Ruznameci. Although he was appointed as grand vizier in 1769, he soon returned to his former position due to the change in sadalik. In 1771, he was re-appointed to the vassal office. While in this position, he became the head of the Ottoman delegation in the negotiation and signature of the Küçük Kaynarca Agreement. Upon his return to Istanbul, he served as the trust of matbah, Şıkk-ı sani ledger, jizye accountant and ruznamecilik. He passed away in Istanbul in late August 1783.
Ahmed Resmî Efendi's II. 18th century windmill at Frederick's Potsdam Sanssouci
1 King of Prussia II. Frederik's III. Three advices to Mustafa through Ahmed Resmî Efendi
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King of Prussia II. Frederik's III. Three advices to Mustafa via Ahmed Resmî Efendi
(three golden keys)
Read a lot of history, make use of old experiences.
Try to have a strong army and keep your soldiers constantly trained in times of peace.
Your treasure is always full of money, and give importance to the economy.
His Works
Vienna and Berlin Embassy: In the work, the author gave detailed information about the military, political, economic and social conditions of the countries he visited, and made evaluations about the places he saw along the way. He examined the relations of these states with the Ottoman State and made proposals regarding possible developments. and the translation of the state is explained.
Extract-ul-Reputation: 1768-1774 Describes opinions, impressions and criticisms about the Ottoman-Russian War.
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English biography
An Ottoman Statesman in War and Peace: Ahmed Resmi Efendi 1700-1783; Virginia H. Aksan (English)
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Yirmisekiz Mehmed Çelebi

Ahmed Resmî Efendi

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