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1990 Turkish films

A total of 76 films were shot in 1990.
Leading actresses - Production
Abuk Sabuk A Film
Acı Fate
Afacan Fire Piece
Ahu Gözlüm
Mediterranean Sun
Germany Adventure
Love Triangle Unforgettable Director of Love Movies
Love Intersection
Flame Girl
Spring Sadness - They Call Me Bela - Wait I Said Shadow - Did You Find Me - My Cinemas - Berdel - A Handful of Love
A Drink of Water
A Small Cloud
All The Doors Are Closed - Great Loneliness
The Neck of the Curved Küheylan
The Heart of the Glass
Crazy Lovers
Crazy Barbershop Flowers When the Boy Gives Blows
Troubles Man
Death of Giants
The World Is Empty
Dreams Are Not Enough
View in Dream
Eskici And His Sons
Secret Face
Darkness In The Middle Of The Day
Foreclosure Decision
Hasan Boğuldu
We've Done All
Two Foreigners
Ik i Headed Giant

The King of the Bullies
Blood Paid
The Devil in My Blood
Blackout Nights - Cherry Blossoms
Mother Mother
Seat Belly
Article 438 - Victims
Menekşe Koyu - Minyeli Abdullah 2 - Guest - Dying Foot - Piano Piano Legless
Police On Duty
Robert's Film

Morning, Mr. President
It was cold and rain drizzled
Endless Escape, Pseudo Girls
Tatar Ramadan
Journey to Hope
You Are Not Alone
Oil Rain
A World of Green
A Green World
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1990 yapımı Türk filmleri

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